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Full Version: Current squad - what work is needed?
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It seems that all of us (or at least most of us) agree that our biggest problem is the CB position. So sad, considering that we have been the best in this position for the last 35 years. Sad

I wonder if the next coach will get the blessing of Berlusconi (meaning: buy a few good CBs) but of course I don't see many options on the market now. I know I sound crazy, but I don't want players like Vidic who are apparently on the downhill and/or has a history of injuries.
If were adding to the list of failures of Galliani, another one is letting Nesta and Silva go at the same time. It should never had happened, when Baresi and Tassoti left we still had Maldini and Billy to carry the baton. Sorry for being so negative, but its such a mess.
@Graeme - I was actually thinking maybe if he wins they could still let him go. Next year won't be a European year for us so we may be able to entice a coach to get involved by saying they can coach a side with decent talent on the biggest stage of the CL.

Let's not kid ourselves though. Over the past 2 weeks with various officials quitting/attempting to quit and the ever crazy Berlusconi in the picture this is not a side that I can imagine a lot of people would want to manage. I think the only chance we have at recruiting a manager is within the family with former players. Who else wants to deal with this $hit.
honsano, on the whole Honda situation. If he's willing to drop back and help in the defensive phase of the game (something I imagine he can and will do), then 4-2-3-1 to me seems the future system of this team, bearing in mind El Shaarawy also drops on the LW meaning we'd defend with a midfield 4.

It was also help with the whole situation with De Jong and Montolivo, as both would play in front of defence (De Jong with someone alongside is something the dutchman is familiar with) and Montolivo as regista. It may work like the Van Bommel - DJ dynamic from 2010, but maybe with more creativity as Montolivo's more of a regista than Van Bommel.

Graeme, I agree we shouldn't have let both Nesta and Thiago Silva leave. Huge mistake.
(12-09-2013, 05:35 PM)Graeme_C Wrote: [ -> ]If were adding to the list of failures of Galliani, another one is letting Nesta and Silva go at the same time. It should never had happened, when Baresi and Tassoti left we still had Maldini and Billy to carry the baton. Sorry for being so negative, but its such a mess.

I think Silva was the plan (to sell), but Galliani did want to keep Nesta for one more season. Nesta wasn't willing to - can you blame him though?

We are in desperate need of a quality CB. Undecided
I had a thought the other day. In the age of super clubs (Barca, Real, Mancity, PSG and probably some others) where they throw out tens of millions of pounds in transfers each summer and consume players in excess while driving up transfer costs wouldn't Galliani be a perfect man to get players at a discount? Galli has great relationships with many of clubs in europe and has been able to prize some assets from these clubs at great discounts (Ibra, Robinho, Kaka in recent memory). If given a proper transfer budget maybe he could continue on this path.

I know we mention a lot of glaring mistakes he has made in recent years with transfers from the terrible freebies to Matri. I can't defend the Matri thing BUT the freebie thing is kind of interesting if you think about it. He has been able to make players leave their former clubs for Milan rather than go to a possible contender and receive a similar salary (think Monti as well as Honda). I mean look at this Milan team. This season is incredibly poor. I contend that it's not that Galliani does not want to spend, rather, I think he is instructed not to.

With that said maybe the best step forward is to have Barbara find the money to help Galliani make proper transfers again. Maybe this double CEO thing is really brilliant rather than a mess. Trying to find a silver lining I guess in another painful season
With money many things are at least solvable. In football as in life. Money can certainly be used on wrong players and flops but there is as much chance that 'lots of money brings success'. Rating a football transfer person should also take into account how he does when there is no money, shouldn't it?

My point is that the idea that Galliani can do well with money is being a bit overrated. He *should* do well with money, not just Galliani, other teams' people too.
I don't think you can really believe that though Reza that he should do well without money (unless your definition of well means the he can at least get us to Europa league every year). If we are going to rate him to 'big club' standards then he should at the very least have the resources of a big club. There is a very good reason that teams who regularly reach the latter rounds of CL and qualify in the top 3 or 4 of their domestic leagues spend money. I think if we are all honest with ourselves that is the one common denominator. Sure you have the odd team now and again qualify for CL domestically or make a run in the CL but in the end they are a very small minority.

I think if our perspective was that Galliani was the head of a mid-table club then maybe our expectations of the current state of milan would be more realistic.
But we're not a midtable side honsano, nor do we spend like one. We're still financially one of the biggest teams in Italy and spend enormous amounts compared to other teams and therefore we should at the least be competing for league titles. However, the other point is we know how much success we've had over the past 25 years and we know how much money our regular and generally favourable performances in CL brings in. Never mind our current budget, based on our success alone we should never have been in this position in the first place.
I agree with the latter point you make Dev about not having gotten here in the first place Dev. I don't know how well we can assign blame to Galliani for letting the AC Milan 'infrastructrue' collapse or never be built. We all can say that Berlusconi for sure is responsible for that aspect as he is owner and big changes have to come from him. That is why my original point is that maybe the division of power is for the best. Galliani is known to be great at transfers by all but the current Milan faithful while Barbara can help with the financial aspect to allow him the chance to land players.

Let's take a closer look at the financial aspect for this club. I'll go back to the 07/08 season as I think this is just a season or two before Milan started going down hill with some consistency. I still argue we aren't enormous spenders. Rather we WERE many years ago but since have changed our mentality from top table to mid table.

Net Costs of Transfers (sales minus expenditures)
07/08: -13.5 mil (here puma and pato come in and cost a lot)
08/09: -20 mil (here ronaldinho and silva come in and cost a lot)
09/10: +50 mil (kaka and gourcuff leave)
10/11: -21 mil (ibra and robinho)
11/12: -27.5 (ibra second payment and ELS arrives)
12/13: +31.5 (ibra and silva sold but Balo comes in)
13/14: -9.7 (on going)

That is a net total PURCHASING of 10.7 million pounds in 7 seasons. You could also say that is spending an average of less than 2 million pounds per transfer window.

Essentially this number is so egregious because we have been deconstructing Milan from a big table side to a mid-level side. The numbers would have been more indicative of a big team IF we didn't have those substantial positives from selling Kaka, Ibra and Silva. Thus spending like a big table side (which we did win with the purchases of Ibra and Silva) while acting like a big club (refusing to sell our best players) would have maintained our title hopes.
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