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Full Version: Current squad - what work is needed?
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(10-15-2013, 04:28 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]Wrote about this in the System thread Ryo, but I agree with you, that Balotelli supported by SES-Kaka-Honda is possibly the best we have right now if going to 4-2-3-1. Anyway, I went into more detail there.

I actually came to this thread as it's now official that the club have gone into ritiro (training camp), to try and sort out the problems. This means two things to me:

1) We're in a worse state right now than we were when in trouble last season. I always maintained that things could turn around then and that's why I constantly supported Allegri then and I assume the club and coach felt the same. However, it seems this time round there's much more uncertainty and doubt, as well as ill discipline (not behaviour, but in footballing terms).

2) Allegri's not got long to sort the mess out, hence such a drastic measure. We're not a club that just goes into ritiro and the last time I remember it happening in circumstances like these is back in the late 90's. I think Allegri's got to pick things up, otherwise he'll be out before Christmas.

On a separate note, I was just listening to a Beyond the Pitch podcast where Gariele Marcotti was discussing our situation (this was at the end of the mercato). He mentioned that Umberto Gandini spoke to him and acknowledged the management of the club needs a refresh, as he said he's the youngest of those in charge and has been at the club since 1993. What's interesting is he acknowledges the management needs a refresh, which I doubt is unnoticed by others like Galliani. I think we need to know when things change, rather than if.

Finally, I read a rumour today (can't remember where) that a trusted entourage of Berlusconi's is in Abu Dhabi today to discuss selling shares of the club. This doesn't mean they would do as Inter and sell the majority of the club, as they would keep majority shares.

Link please. I love it when we're analysed by Marcotti. He's one of the most level headed pundits out there and actually calls a spade a spade with no reservations. I'd love to hear what he had to say.

The rumours are welcome, albiet a bit late. We should have sold half the company during the SUMMER when we could have actually used that money to make the purchases that really would have mattered and would have been consistent with our youth policy (Eg. Liljac, Strootman, Sahko).

(10-16-2013, 08:10 AM)WCmilan Wrote: [ -> ]4-2-3-1 would be a lot better. It would compliment us best, and not only that but it allows us to support playing all our better players.

------------monty-----de jong-----------

Looks pretty good. BTW Gabriel good point, it's true I'll admit that Galliani has made more poor signing than good ones.. It's just that the good bargains he gets are usually VERY good bargains that usually don't happen. Those poor signings seem more like Galliani rolling the dice and hoping for something good. For example, getting Bojan and Silvestre maybe he thought would work out and be a nice surprise like Noce/Constant/Boateng as of recent. The thing I'm realizing though is that these players DO NOT stay consistent, they've all went downhill at points (other than Constant, who I still rate as a solid player).

But, most of those shit deals we did didn't cost TOO much, still a lot when you combine them all but most were free agents or taken for swaps for other useless players etc etc. IMO, the WORST deal so far has been Matri. We're going to have paid 11mln euros for him, on top of paying him a hefty salary (2.5m I believe) and he's been just as useless (if not even more useless) than most those other players you brought up.

The worst thing about this.... we're paying that money directly so that Juventus, our direct rival, can pay up for Tevez. Jesus, why couldn't we just buy him for ourselves? I can't believe Galliani has been so stupid!
The thing is there are good deals every where. Juve getting Pirlo, Tevez, Vidal and Bonnucci are great deals.
Roma signing Strootman and Ljajic are great bargains. Fio getting Rossi and Gomez are also good bargains. Even PSG signing Silva is a great bargain considering his price and the fact that he is the only true WC CB in the world. There will always be bargain players every transfer window, the fact is, does this bargain player fits into your system and do you need him on the team. What Galliani did and continues to do is that he will sign someone as long as he is not over certain amount regardless of how that player can fit in. Like last summer with Troare, whats the point of signing him if the team already had Muntari, Nocerino, Flamini, and Ambro under contract with Monty coming in and youngsters like Strausser and Cristante. Or this summer with Matri, when you already have Mario, SES and even Niang capable of playing as CF. On top of that, if he uses the money wisely and sign Honda, thats another player that could fill in the CF's spot.
(10-16-2013, 08:30 AM)Ryo Wrote: [ -> ]Link please. I love it when we're analysed by Marcotti. He's one of the most level headed pundits out there and actually calls a spade a spade with no reservations. I'd love to hear what he had to say.

I don't always agree with him, but in this podcast I think he's pretty much spot on in every point.

edit: I made a mistake thinking we didn't have a ritiro last season, as we did after the Lazio match. However, I don't think this makes much difference to my point about the lack of time Allegri has.
As I am no longer for Allegri, but is there anyone better out there who would coach Milan?
As I stated before, I thnk with the current Mian MGT structure and lack of investments, all top coaches/managers will not come to Milan. Would Milan really be better off with a second grade coach? I think the best bet is someone like Pippo or Gattuso coming through. But most importantly, the MGT must realise that they are there to help the coach to form a better team and not there to just wine and dine and take credits for great signings.
I would take caretaker managers into consideration for now. Allegri's a coach who isn't getting any response from the players leaving us in mediocrity. For this season, I would consider someone who can at least steady the ship and get the players playing more for the club, even if they aren't a top class coach.

Afterwards (i.e. next summer), we need someone who is interesting for the project we supposedly began last summer. Prandelli, Inzaghi and Mangia are all potential candidates and imo none of them would outright turn down the job. The key is that we actually go ahead and try to keep up with the project, not waste money and space to overhyped, overpaid and unmotivated experience.
Allegri has lost it apparently, so seriously, anyone would be better than him. I hope that someone will arrive after Barcelona matches. Apparently those would not be good games for any newcomers to start with.
Frank Rijkaard anybody? I am pretty sure he is free for the job.
Me, Rijkaard would be my #1 choice with Prandelli for our next coach.
Pippo is realistic bc he is doing well with the youth team and truly understand what type of mess he is getting into if he takes the MGT job.

Rijkaard or Van Basten are not right for Milan at this moment b/c the squad just can't play their style. Ofcourse, unless Berlu spends huge and change 5-6 starters but if that is to happen any top coach will be great for Milan.

Prandelli will struggle in Milan b/c he just does not understand what type of mess he is getting into and won't be prepare for it.
Apparently our first team (minus the injured and int'l players) lost 0-1 to the Primavera. Must be a sweet revenge for Pippo Big Grin
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