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Full Version: Current squad - what work is needed?
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I saw an article a while back that listed milan as having the highest wage bill in Italy, that seems to be a joke to me. Who the hell is getting paid all that money? I would hope that we an attract a young enthusiastic manager who will play football the right way, like a montella has done. We don't need massive players, we need players that want to play and represent milan. Then and only then will we be in a position. Where players would want to come to us, not like what we have witnessed over last 4 or 5 years where we get linked to players and then nothing happens. Squad needs fresh bloo but it also needs senior players. Kaka will be that spark, seems like a sensible head who once he gets settled back into some sort of fitness will help stabilise the club. Balo can be great of us and sharia way needs to be kept. There is plenty if ither dead meat that can be shipped on and so should be sent packing. Where are our youth players, give them the chance while protecting others like Niang. saponaro can hopefully do something too.
(11-07-2013, 04:09 PM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]Not beating the dead last team (Chievo) would be an insult, seriously it would.

has the prediction league come up yet? I am going to predict a 7-0 in Milan's favor for that game. No, I don't believe it, but I will post that prediction anyway for fun, seeing that there is no point to catch up with Stitch (thanks to Reza's lack of willingness to ban Stitch Angry).

Does anyone know that we have defeated Chievo 13 games in a row? That was the longest winning streak one team holds against another in Serie A general history. Okmilan

so yes, we may be Barca's bitch, Chievo is our bitch. Icon_lol2 of course, after this weekend, we will still be Barca's bitch, while Chievo will probably get a new life. :d
That text is excellent!

This summarize it all:
With that in mind Allegri and Galliani are, from a certain perspective, the ‘useful idiots’ here. Blaming them distracts from the broader issue which is that Berlusconi should perhaps do what Massimo Moratti has done with Inter: accept that he can’t take the club forward or finance it like he did in the past quarter of a century and look for outside investment in order to do so. But that seems unlikely. And so Milan, at least for now, have to get creative.
I feel that Moratti actually loves Inter Milan, while Berlusconi, albeit much more successful, simply views Milan as "a tool".
A lot more has come out on the situation today, though I don't have time to go into detail now. Key things are that Galliani has apparently said it's either him or Barbara, but it doesn't seem he's willing to work together or in a reduced role.

Barbara's biggest issue appears to be our networking and scouting. The whole scouting system needs to be overhauled, but also relying less on certain agents (Raiola and Bronzetti).

I will try to post in more detail later. I also like the article above, as I respect James Horncastle. However, there are some things I'm not sure I agree on.
Apparently Barbara also wants a review of all the transfer dealings with Genoa, which is interesting..

I have a feeling if Balotelli doesnt improve on and off the pitch Milan will try offload him in Jan, if that happens Abate will also go just so Milan doesnt have to deal with Raiola.
As I said earlier, there's a lot going on today in terms of the latest regarding Galliani and Barbara. Galliani has supposedly set an ultimatum saying it's either him or Barbara. Personally, I'd choose the latter at this point as her proposition at this point is appealing and imo gives us a fighting chance of long term stability. This isn't to say Galliani can't be good, but I get the impression he's very autocratic in his management, which is very rarely applicable in modern business. Galliani now apparently wants clarity from Silvio, away from Barbara to understand what his future is. I've heard the rumours of the 130m severence and I just don't believe Galliani would leave the club in such a way, as while I don't think he likes what's happening or individuals, I simply don't think his love for the club is questionable (meaning we can work something out).

As for Barbara, I think her motivation is to have a modern business structure. This means a flat managerial structure where a group of directors work closely together in the development of the company, rather than the current hierarchy where Galliani runs everything. According to Milannews and other sources, this would mean getting Albertini as General Manager (given he's shown his ability and astuteness in the Italian FA set up), Maldini as a Technical Director where he'd act closely with the management of the team and valuate new players coming in (note that this doesn't mean he'd act on the market himself) and Daniele Prade, who would be heavily involved in activity on the market, essentially negotiating and closing deals. Personally I like the sound of that set up, while we'd still probably have additions in other areas that Galliani's heavily involved in, such as marketing and commercial elements (Barbara might oversee this herself). Note, all of the roles above are currently done by Galliani, with Braida kind of involved in transfers.

Speaking of Braida, it's rumoured he's become marginalised in recent years due to Galliani's reliance on agents, especially Bronzetti and Raiola. This is something that again we'd change, with our reliance on these characters becoming less prominent and dealing directly for players. Personally, I can't stand these sorts of characters and feel they're leeches on our club. While we must keep the relationships sweet and must negotiate with them, we musn't let their dealings control us. The famous quote "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" comes to mind.

This also affects players and coaches, as Balotelli's never been popular with the Berlusconi family and Barbara wants to cut ties with Raiola. Therefore, it could be that Balotelli would be sold immediately for the right price. That's not a problem for me, as he's a massive questionmark for the future and getting significant funds to reinvest would help our restructure.

As for coaches, Allegri would be sacked and replaced
likely by Seedorf (Silvio's choice), Prandelli (Sacchi's recommendation), Inzaghi (Galliani's choice) or Mangia (another generally liked). Personally, whoever the coach is we need to make sure they understand that the project is to help young players grow, even if this means that immediate success is a touch less likely (though imo we'd be better off). Salamon, Vergara, Saponara, El Shaarawy, De Sciglio, Cristante and Gabriel need to be allowed to play even if they will make odd mistakes. They're talented players, but without getting any opportunities they'll never reach the top. Part of the problem with recent transfer activities is Galliani buys good young talents, but many mediocre experienced players. Allegri then relies on the experience to try and get an immediately competitive team together. Last season, it was the young players who came good for the side and allowed us to reach 3rd, while most of the more experienced players were major disappointments. We can't completely rely on youth, but the coach must understand that we're cultivating growth of young players.

All this doesn't mean Barbara doesn't acknowledge the good Galliani has done in recent years. Marketing, Sponsorship and Communications (I presume PR) has improved significantly and she wouldn't look to change this. I also presume she's very satisfied with the development of youth players, an area where Galliani and Galli have done very well. This is something I think James Horncastle misses in his article. When referring to the youth scouting he mentions Mastour as a major counterpoint to this area needing improvement. However, I think where the issue lies isn't in scouting youth players (an area we've done really well in), but players for the senior squad.

This leads me to another point which many (including James Horncastle) credit Galliani, but I feel is actually detrimental to what we need. Many, including me at the time, often say signings like Ronaldinho, Kaka, Ibra, Balo, Cassano, Mexes and potentially Tevez were great signings, especially given the prices we got proven stars at. However, the cost here is twofold imo. The first is that we were signing players opportunistically. This meant that there wasn't a sound project in place where players were brought to fulfill roles in that project. Instead, we aimed for big names who we hoped would be able to use their quality to make the difference. It's often ok in many matches during the season, but when we need these players to seriously work together as a unit, they fail. The second is we brought players with serious problems with their clubs and in many cases, those problems hurt us. Ronaldinho wasn't a serious professional despite his ability, Ibra's an individual and a damaging personality, Balo's petulant and lacks discipline, Cassano's simply a head case and Mexes has very poor discipline and imo isn't even that good. Building a side with one or two of these guys is hard, but building a side with all is near impossible.
Further to one of the points you make Dev, opportunistic signings. Those that come relatively cheap for some reason (Kaka, Ibra and others you also mentioned) are good and fine and giving credit to Galliani for finding opportunistic or shrewd moves is fine too but it should be in the context of the team that is available. Let's say you agree Ibra is the best, he is available cheap for whatever reason, it's fine to snap him up quickly. There is a big but though, it makes a big difference if the other 10 players are Muntari instead of Rui for example. My point is finding star on the cheap coming at the expense of everything is not a solution.
I appreciate what Galliani has done for Milan, but it does now seem that he and Allegri should go. He should get praise for making that kind of opportunistic signings, but should get scolded for only relying on that kind of signings.

That ultimatum seems silly and let's hope that it won't work.
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