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Full Version: Serie A Week 3: Torino - Milan, Saturday, September 14, 2013, CET 20:45
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An away match, after the long two-week international break. Oddly, I am optimistic despite all the injuries we have. I feel that Kaka and Balotelli (I hope that he is not too tired) will work well with each other.

I seriously predict that the scoreline will be 1-4, in the favor of Milan. Kaka will score a goal. Sagrin

Forza Milan. Devilcool
I think SES will break out in this game
My quintessential hope is that Kaka behind Balo and El-Sha will give the Egyptian Italian the service he needs and that Gabriel is right - that we will finally see last season's SES (up till the end of the year) finally playing as we know he can.

He isn't a winger, my post in the SES thread shows that. He's happier in the middle. And we know he and Balo have a good understanding. SES at his best, along with Balo, Kaka, Monto etc really does give us grounds for optimism.
I heard that Kaka may start from the bench, as he is "not ready". Hmmm. If that means El Shaarawy and Robinho starting the game supporting Balotelli, then fine, but I know for sure that Matri is "ready" and will play, so there goes any chance for El Shaarawy (who is apparently behind Robinho on Allegri's list Confused).
I'm sure Kaka will get some type of playing time (at least I'm hoping) even if it's just the final 15-20 minutes or so.
I am also concerned with: (1) the physical condition of our players with previous international duty; (2) the mental state of all our players anticipating the upcoming UCL match against Celtic.

Nonetheless, I still think that we can run Torino over. Let's do it. Smile
Looking forward to this match. It will be live on ESPN international for those with access in the 'new world's.

Our wealth of attacking options will offer Allegri a wealth of options from which to what concerns me is the defense and who will play on the flanks in our back 4.

[undefined=undefined]i wonder who will play at Rb, our current options are zaccardo and poli. At lb emanuelson or constant for sure.
I bet it will be Zaccardo. He probably will do a good job too.
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