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Full Version: FIFA 14
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Anyone wanna play ( Xbox 360)

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PS3 here sorry..but it's been months since I've played this game to be honest. Now that the actual season is done, I'll probably put in some time this summer.
fifa keeps gettin worse

hope they take out that atrocious tactical defending
I never particularly minded the tactical defending in FIFA (I actually liked it), PES also seems to have implemented similar features in their game, just with more subtlety. It makes the player think more about how to position themselves and time challenges than in the past.
When you say tactical defending, what exactly are you referring to? What is most frustrating is the defending by your AI controlled teammates. Defending with the player that you're controlling isn't too bad..but if you're up against an excellent dribbler then good luck lol
Tactical defending is basically the manual control during defending introduced in FIFA 12 I think. Before that the process was quite automated, you'd press a button and the defender would automatically press the opponent and make the tackle, now there's separate options to press opponents and to make a tackle, which is much more about timing. The AI controlled teammates in FIFA annoy me a lot, they're often useless in taking up the right position. I was very impressed by PES in this regard, though it's still very flawed at times.
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