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Full Version: Kaka's all goals with AC Milan
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[Image: 94ddd1f21520425d0ff948b.jpg]

[Image: 46985517.png]
pics are dead. Please reupload them
It's ok, it seems you have some problems with imageshack Wink
Really the videos are fabulous, its difficult to capture. But still one can be able to see how the goal is made.
Nostalgia. This really brings back the memories.

Hopefully we get a trequartista like him again some day.
Kaka IS AC Milan,skill,speed,class, awesome player.
Nowadays football is much more physical and skilled player like him would appear less in the future I think. just bought his shirt on my hero.Sagrin

A player whose favourite club is not Milan cant be my hero.
German ebay, selling a hand signed ac milan shirt.
I myself bought a handsigned shirt with COA yesterday for 46 euros, but it has much more autographs on it.