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-------------El Shaaraway----------------------
---------De Rossi--------------------Vidal------------
Kolarov------------------------------------De Sciglio
--------------T. Silva---------Kompany------------------
GK: Abbiati
RB: Van der Viel
LB: Balzaretti
CB: Thiago Silva
CB: Astori
DM: Poli
MCr: M'Vila
MCl: Modric
AMC: Giuseppe Rossi
ST: Pato
ST: Paloschi

Big Grin
(04-06-2011, 06:40 AM)ElMago99 Wrote: [ -> ]--------------------Pato-------------------------
----------------Van Bommel--------------------
--------------T. Silva---Nesta------------------

Subs: Ibrahimovic, D. Luiz, Ganso, Gattuso, De Rossi

Big Grin

i absolutely hate that midfield. Not one compitent playmaking passer
My dream summer:
Ganso, Hernanes, Poli, Astori, Criscito, Viviano in.

Give us the options

We wanna pass you to death?


We want a little more balance and power?


We want to go full retard attack?

and on and on

Basically I want a proper CAM, a technical CM to eventually replace pirlo, a young energetic CM, A cover and potential future CB and a proper LB
elmago.... you love making squads for next year dont ya... lol its all good man

my only fantasy signing is Cesc Fabregas..... everything else can stay the same....maybe I would also get Coentrao.

Abate David Luiz Silva Coentrao
Jucilei Hernanes Merkel
Neymar Pato/ibrahimovic

SUBS:Abbiati, Essien, Sandro, Boateng, Lucas Marcelinho, Robinho, Falcao,

Abate Nesta T. Silva Criscito
Boateng Fernando Reges Pirlo/Hernanes
Pato Ibra

Subs: Abbiati, Diego Renan, Mexes, Astori, Zambrotta, MVB, Yann M'Vila, Lucas Marcelinho, Binho, Cassano, Paloschi
(04-07-2011, 11:58 PM)abbeyleemania Wrote: [ -> ]Neuer

Abate David Luiz Silva Coentrao
Jucilei Hernanes Merkel
Neymar Pato/ibrahimovic

SUBS:Abbiati, Essien, Sandro, Boateng, Lucas Marcelinho, Robinho, Falcao,

I see you have one Italian in the first 11, and one more as sub. Devilcool
I still believe that we should have some good Italian players. Foreigners lack loyalty to the club (not all of them, of course), and may just come and go. However, there aren't many quality Italian players these days which is so sad. The only one that I like is G. Rossi. I would like to have Ganso so that he could form the deadly fowl combo (Duck-Goose). Big Grin

Then we should try to get a few from our youth academy. I have my eyes on Beretta and Fosatti. In the only game he played, De Vito seemed very decent. I don't understand he never got another chance.

Of course, we already have Strasser. I don't mind Merkel, somehow I am not a huge fan. Hope that he could prove me wrong.
With the Financial Fair Play coming we will surely rely more on our youth academy. I'm sure there will be more investments for the youth. We already have some decent prospects for the future.

Oh btw, is there any Primavera thread here? I'm pretty sure I haven't seen one. (Sorry for being a bit off topic here.)
@ Hitman,

I don't post as often as I did, but when I do I mostly enjoy discussing formations, balance, chemistry, and adding new players. My dream would be to have Braida's job. To do what Leonardo used to do for us. There are many different ways we can go in the future, but it seems we will stick with the 4-3-1-2. I am most confused how we will have Pato, Ibra, Cassano, & Robinho next year. They're all in form (well, Ibra no but he's not going anywhere), so the formation or rotation system we use will be key. This is most intriguing for me, considering it's looking ever so likely we will grab Ganso, and therefore only 2 of our 4 forwards will Start.
Also, I post formations to start a chain reaction of people discussing/debating what I post, because good conversations come from that. Trust me, I'm not a freak that changes his mind about Milan's Squad every 2 Seconds. I just like throwing idea's out. In fact, I most respect your posts, and have similar views to you most of the time.

You know, I used to think Braida sucked but in actuality he does an excellent job. I wish our management listened to him more. If we signed players he liked our squad would be....


but real emphasis on pastore, suarez and hernanes. He's had man crush on them. And Dzeko too, but that started fading when wolfsburg did there whoel 40 mil or F off thing.
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