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Full Version: Azzurri talk, Italy national team thread
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They got completely outplayed. It's easy to praise them after the Spain game so it should be easy to criticize them after this too. The back line got exposed numerous times and the midfield do pretty much nothing all game.Zaza seemed isolated the entire first half. Like it's been mentioned before, why is Bernardeschi in this squad right now? Sure the kid has talent but he's got a long way to go and he's done nothing to warrant a place in this team. This 3-4-3 was really exposed tonight. Giaccherini is a hard worker and can be a useful sub to many teams, but he's got no business starting games for Italy. Conte should just be normal and not try to reinvent the wheel here. Play a normal 4-3-3 with either 2 pivots or 1 regista. In either case, it puts the players in their best positions at this moment. Once the 3 Juve CBs are back, than you can think about playing all 3.

But maybe he wanted to see who else can play in that system and that would explain his choices.

In any case, a full strength Italy side is much better than this and I think they will have their say at the Euros. As long as Verratti, Chielini, Barzagli, Bonucci, Marchisio are healthy, this will be a tough team to beat.
"Ventura has a deal to become the new Italy Coach with Cannavaro as assistant manager"
It's not a bad idea imo, I think a guy like Ventura could do well with a national team and Cannavaro would offer a lot in terms of personality.
Ventura calls up 6 Milan players

Goalkeepers: Buffon (Juventus), Donnarumma (Milan), Marchetti (Lazio)

Defenders: Antonelli (Milan), Astori (Fiorentina), Barzagli (Juventus), Bonucci (Juventus), Chiellini (Juventus), De Sciglio (Milan), Ogbonna (West Ham), Romagnoli (Milan), Rugani (Juventus)

Midfielders: Bernardeschi (Fiorentina), Bonaventura (Milan), Candreva (Inter), De Rossi (Roma), Florenzi (Roma), Montolivo (Milan), Parolo (Lazio), Verratti (PSG)

Forwards: Belotti (Torino), Eder (Inter), Gabbiadini (Napoli), Immobile (Lazio), Pavoletti (Genoa), Pellè (Shandong Luneng)
Surprise no Berardi.
Berardi is injured, but Ventura has said that with 3-5-2, he won't fit into the system, to much controversy. I don't see how Berardi can be left out for too long.
Bonaventura and De Sciglio starting
Italy 1-2 France HT

Donna on to start second Smile
Montolivo too lol
That 3rd goal could have been saved if Donnarumma just stayed at the post instead of trying to read the play and dive to cut off the cross. Funny enough, he saved a sure goal on an almost identical situation just a couple of minutes before that 3rd goal for France.
How old was Maldini when called up to NT? Donna hopefully will follow that path ?
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