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Full Version: Azzurri talk, Italy national team thread
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Maldini was around 19 or 20 when he made his debut if I'm right. Bear in mind he broke through in an era where Italy wasn't lacking in quality at the back.
I had massive respect for Buffon's actions during the national anthems in the game vs France:

That really shows a lot of character and class.
Ever since gol di Muntari, I have zero respect for Buffon. He could win the Nobel price but in my eyes he's a cheating bastard.
World Cup qualifying start and Antonelli and Bonaventura starting for the Azzurri
Antonelli cross and Pelle directs it in 1-0
Bonaventura clipped and fell in box, Candreva converts pen. 2-0
I didn't even know that there was a game today. I am glad (but not ecstatic Big Grin) that Italy won despite with 10 men.
Saw some parts of Italy-France and most of the game between Israel and Italy. Chiellini was awful. Don't know what happens to this guy, but he is responsible (or partly responsible) for 3 of the 4 conceded goals in these two games. One red card in the official game.

The guy needs to start his season (well, with Juventus, he can play this way, I don't care ahah).

Eder and Pelle are two average strikers, but together, they look like a good line of strikers thanks to their good relationship on the pitch. Nevertheless, I hope Ventura will slowly drop these guys out of the national team, they are not the best Italian players nowadays.

Bonaventura was good yesterday. Antonelli was better than in Milan since the start of the season. Weird to see him start for the national team when you know he's been pretty bad for the last 2 months.

I think this team will be interesting if Marchisio comes back to his level after his injury (Verratti-Marchisio should be very good in midfield, with Bonaventura ?), and if Ventura uses Berardi, Insigne and some of these (young) talents.
De Sciglio, Romagnoli (his Azzurri debut) and Montolivo ( Tongue ) starting for Italy vs Spain.
Montolivo went off injured, I expect he's out at least against Chievo.

DES and Romagnoli have had a good game so far, Bonaventura's on for Montolivo, but yet to really be involved.
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