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Full Version: Azzurri talk, Italy national team thread
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I doubt many in Italy are particularly keen on The Special Zero. Icon_lol2
Biggest rumours atm is Conte doing a part time role with Italy whilst still coaching Juve. A bad idea imo.
(06-29-2014, 08:24 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]Biggest rumours atm is Conte doing a part time role with Italy whilst still coaching Juve. A bad idea imo.

But good for Milan, IMO

I don't know. There will be even fewer Milan players in Azzurri, I am afraid.
Our players are easy to get injured, and international football in qualification don't bring much experience.
Not so much about headcoach, but Barbara has made some interesting comments on who should be in charge at FIGC:

More interesting is the response from the leading candidate, which really exemplifies why Italian football has gone down the drain in recent years.
Quote:However, the primary candidate remains the current president of the Italian aFootball Association, Carlo Tavecchio, 71, who has told Berlusconi to mind her own business.

"The kind lady will have no say on who is named the new president," he is quoted as saying by Giornalettismo. "In our case, it comes down to the support you have from over a million-and-a-half members who form part of our movement."
You can not say someone "have no say" when it affected you and made you say.
He's apparently not even certain to be in the running. The thing is, as long as dinosaurs are in charge at the FIGC and no one from the outside has their say, then Italian football's decline will continue, as the reason it's declined as it has is because it's stagnated where people outside of the inner circle, at all levels from the FIGC, club management, club coaching and players, simply cannot have an input. You do have guys like Albertini, but as much as I like him, he sounds very much like a spokesperson who really doesn't have much influence. Admittedly I might be wrong on Albertini, but I think it would be a big surprise if he had any real say in how Italian football operates.

I don't think it's coincidence that currently the two most successful sides in Italy are the two that have some of the most dynamic management. In Roma's case, since Rosella Sensi sold the club and the new owners started their project, they've stuck by it (despite some rocky moments) and have tried to bring in new ideas at the club. Juve, the other successful club were effectively forced to rethink how they operate following Calciopoli.
(06-28-2014, 01:16 AM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]
(06-27-2014, 08:35 PM)Aficio Wrote: [ -> ]I chose Mazzari for fun after a quick look, because it is hard to find a serious one.

And maybe this is the time to try a foreign coach. The WC introduced someone even more "Italian" than the Italian trio.

I don't remember Italy ever having a foreign coach for NT. Can someone confirm?

The same probably is true too for Brazil and Argentina?

I wonder if anyone has a list of nations that never had a foreigner as their NT head coach.

a quite unique case: Spain NT coaches are always Spanish, but that includes 3 coaches who held dual citizenship besides Spanish nationality (two Filipinos including Paulino Alcantara, and one Uruguayan).
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