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Full Version: Azzurri talk, Italy national team thread
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Capello stays

I don't like Russia's performance, but he was too unlucky:
- Conceded 2/3 goals due to personal mistakes of GK, the other against much stronger opponent.
- Weak squad.
- Completely opposite weather (WC2018 in Russia will be hard for some teams).
Latest is that Mancini is in the lead
Report: Conte signs two-year Azzurri deal
Quote:The FIGC have confirmed that Antonio Conte has been hired as the new Coach of Italy on a two-year contract.

It had been widely reported this afternoon and evening that the former Juventus boss had agreed terms to take over from Cesare Prandelli, and now Italian football’s governing body have made the news official.

New FIGC President Carlo Tavecchio spoke to Conte this morning by telephone to finalise the details of the new CT’s contract, which will run until 31 July 2016.

The deal, which will see Conte earn wages of over €2m a year, will also include bonuses for Euro 2016 qualification, improving the Azzurri’s FIFA World Ranking by five or more places and reaching the final of the tournament in France in two years’ time.

Conte is set to be officially presented to the media as the new Azzurri boss at a Press conference next Tuesday morning in Rome.
There's talk going on like Conte's just suddenly going to save Italian football. If in his shoes I'd be a little worried about the weight of expectation, knowing what he's got to work with.
He'll have to hope for the next generation to step up in a major way..but I don't see many great players coming through the ranks though. The squad will probably look a lot like the WC squad..which is unfortunate
I want to see how he deals with Balo because to me Conte is very different from Mancini and Prandelli (and even Allegri) when it comes to individual player relationships.
I hope that Conte will be able to turn Balotelli into a better player and person. Then I may try to forgive his really bad taste (in choosing the team, hairstyle, etc.).

According to this source (it is in Chinese), Conte's annual salary will be 4.5 million euros, 1.5 from FIGC, and 3 from Puma.

[Image: mouth-watering-homer.jpg]
I'm surprised there isn't a thread completely dedicated to Gli Azzuri. Did anyone see Conte's first game in charge? I only saw a bit at the end but a 2-0 result against the Dutch without the entire first team is very encouraging. I'll look for a download this weekend and comment some more later.
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