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Full Version: Winter mercato January 2015
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What will the new year bring, never too early to discuss!
I hope the new year will start with our buying Liverpool's player Suso.
Is he good?
Suso's a young (20) Spanish winger and has the traits of a lot of modern wingers. Known for his pace and ability to cut in, he's technically very good (like most young Spanish players coming through), has a good long shot and is known for his dribbling. He's also been commended by many for his passing (notably through balls), though oddly whoscored puts this as a weakness (I think it's because statistically his pass completion rate isn't impressive). Another potential weakness in his game is he doesn't appear to have a strong physique.

He could do well, as he had a breakthrough year at Almeria last season helping them to escape (just) relegation. He also scored an excellent goal against Milan in preseason.
And why would Liverpool want to sell him?
Quote:Reports continue to link Milan to Liverpool winger Suso and now suggest an agreement for his transfer is agreed with the player.

The Rossoneri have been increasingly paired with a move for the 20-year-old winger, on from first reports that they had requested his inclusion in the deal that took Mario Balotelli to Anfield this summer.

With the transfer window now closed, it is believed that Milan are currently deciding between signing him for a small fee in January or agreeing a Bosman deal to pick him up at the end of his Liverpool contract in June 2015.

Sky Sport Italia are running the line today that regardless of this decision, an agreement between the player and Milan has been reached.

It is suggested that all the arrangement lacks is the signatures from either party, as the paperwork cannot be processed yet.

Obviously only rumour at this point but we allegedly have an agreement with the player already. I have never seen him play so I really don't have any opinion on him. He doesn't appear to be in the Spain U-21 qualifying squad which isn't a good sign..but you never know!
Hate to put a downer on things but what's he done? He didn't manage single goal/assist in 14 PL games last season. His La Liga stats are impressive but so were Bojan's and look how that turned out. Also, the fact no top teams linked with him speaks volumes. Let's face it we're only getting him because he's FREEEEEEEEEEEE.

I follow another Milan forum where 1 user actively follows Milan youth. She's friendly with a number of family's including Cristante's. According to her there's no chance of him coming back. Apparently things ended badly with Milan and given his character he won't return. However she did say his entire family's Milanista so hopefully he'll feel differently one day. Bravo penishead Galliani for driving out our best midfield prospect in 20yrs FacepalmFacepalm
Cristante is a sailed ship, and we are all going to have to get used to that fact. Even if he wants to come back, what can we really do? Offer 30M to sign him back? We would have to sell the city of Milan to raise that kind of funds. He's a goner, even if he left on wonderful terms.

Suso is an interesting prospect, I suppose. But how much of an impact can he really make here? Keep in mind that this is a team that does not trust young players who have not won anything at the senior side. The so called "champions" is what this team is always after, and even if Suso is a great prospect, he still has a uphill to climb to make an impact with us.

An interesting name to sign might be Andre Ayew from Marseille. He is a FA after this season, has certainly had some achievements in his career, despite only being 24 years old. And he is a left footed winger too, so probably fits in with our set up better. Hope Galliani and his penis head (lol) think this one through.
I do agree that the ship of Cristante has sailed, so we should (and have to) move on. It is not the first stupid decision by Galliani, and won't be the last as long as he is at helm. It is funny (and annoying) that Milan always tout about this "family atmosphere" but Galliani wouldn't hesitate a second to piss off legends, as long as they don't see eye to eye with him. If even Maldini or Seedorf couldn't get away unscathed, who do you think Cristante is? Just a piece of cake for Galliani.

I don't think I will post much. I will try, but I am facing a very busy few months. Sad
In Jan we will sign some free or unwanted players.
In the summer 2015 we'll do the same.

Im actually a bit optimistic about this season ,Pippo wants to blitz teams with speed (it seems) although the rumours of Berlusconi wanting classic Barcelona style have surfaced.

If it clicks we could have an outside change to get 3rd ,but if it doesnt then it'll be like last year.I see no chance in the cheap free loan players coming in ,with 2/3 being sold & and the money doing a Houdini.

Not all free or cheap players are bad ,but the majority are.Lets hope it clicks.