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There are confirmations about Leonardo's arrival in Milan's technical area, according to @DiMarzio
Elliott manager Franck Tuil has informed TAS judges that the Milan owners project is three-year long and not for just one year [Sky]
When we get the reply from CAS?

Former Milan owner Yonghong Li is under investigation in Italy for allegedly misleading financial markets with his public statements.
Now Milan’s financial police want to find out why Li would take a loss of close to €700m by allowing Elliott to take over - and why he repeatedly ensured the situation was in hand.
If he didn’t have the €32m which would have delayed such a scenario until October, it raises questions over why he didn’t accept the various takeover bids on the table.
While selling to Rocco Commisso or Tom Ricketts would have meant a significant loss, Li could have retained a stake in the club and wouldn’t have incurred all the losses himself.
(07-20-2018, 06:05 AM)edysim Wrote: [ -> ]When we get the reply from CAS?

It was suposed to be yesterday ,but it is moved for today. So if no further movements than in few hours..
what i tell you from the begining, the source of the money is important!
It is already official for like an hour that we will be playing in EL next season
While it's positive to see the decision overturned, there's still a huge amount of work to do as UEFA still don't have to find a settlement agreement with the club, as the club want CAS to force it.

This means it's in our best interest to work towards mending our relationship with UEFA and the start of that is Elliott and the new management to work with UEFA towards working to an agreement.

Still, for now I guess there's reason to be happy
Good news, the first real sign of stability in a while.
Good news.

USA 1 China 0 Big Grin