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Leonardo Putting together an A team

Milan, Frank Rijkaard on Leonardo's list?

Leonardo is choosing the Rossoneri staff: from Spain comes the name of Frank Rijkaard, who would like to return to the Rossoneri.
Perhaps more than a normal name: Frank Rijkaard would welcome his return to the Rossoneri. A different role, perhaps the first report of Leonardo with responsibility for technical affairs and supervision of Gattuso's work.
I'm not buying that rumour, it seems totally random even if Leo said he needs another hand
With all the appointments and discussions about the management team, I have a feeling that there’s someone in the background who knows Italian football well. It’s not possible for an American hedge fund to move so quickly in an unfamiliar sector.
Does anyone know much about Scaroni? All that I've heard so far is that he's best friends with Berlu (just word of mouth, haven't done any research on him myself)
I only know he's vice president or something like that in Rothschild corporation.
Fassone can ask for as much money as he wants ...
Since yesterday, we can say "Welcome back Leonardo" Big Grin
I don't think Fassone's situation will impact the club so much, it seems more likely he'll take Elliott to court. They're nasty in legal battles, so I wouldn't expect him to get much.
Elliott very likely have a kickass legal team. Not worried about this situation.
Maldini to return, maybe already today.