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It's a proven fact the teams that spend more win more. We can follow rules etc but we're going to suffer if we can't spend
That's partially why the amount spent by F&M is unfair to criticize, could we have gotten better players for that amount sure. But likely would mean be very few, perhaps as few as 2 players incoming.
Not sure where to put it. I guess Maldini is now part of management.

Quote:Maldini to Sky: "Rino listens to our opinions. Sometimes he does not like them but he listens. Confrontations open the mind. We have objectives, to give solidity to the club, to the team which has been without CL football for six years."

Maldini: "Higuain? It's a marriage that did not go very well and it can happen. This is a healthy environment in which you can grow. I don't see how can a footballer not grow here."

Maldini: "The team is young but strong, at the beginning it was underestimated but these results increase the self-esteem."

Maldini: "Romagnoli is a silent player. I might have not been ready to wear the armband at that age. He's grown a lot from all point of views."

Maldini: "It is a total growth club.We need to understand what our real strength is: we have to compete for Champions League spot. In all this, a certain order is the only way to follow."

Maldini: "Piatek like Shevchenko? Sheva is very popular but there is only one Sheva. He was the champion who made us achieve unbelievable goals. Piatek is doing amazing things at a more difficult time than the one in which Sheva had arrived in."

Maldini: "I find it difficult to make this comparison anyway. They are two different teams, in different eras. The function of an executive is different to that of the player."

Maldini: "For the players there is the honor and the burden to play in a stadium like San Siro that sometimes hardly forgives. But those who live it in a calm way signifies that they have personality and we are looking for players like that."

Maldini: "Paqueta is a smart player. In spite of everything he has had a big impact on the team. A player like him and with his qualities has resolved the problem of transition. He always looks forward and has glimpses of class inside him."
James Murray from Arsenal is the new Chief of Staff
Casper Stylsvig new Chief Revenue Officer has worked at Fulham, Manchester United and Barcelona before.
An Arab group could enter Milan as a minority shareholder with a quota that does not exceed 30% of the shares [Gazzetta dello Sport]

The Arab group interested is described as a financial giant like Elliott, which is not seeking help from financial POV but the entry of a new partner would decrease it’s exposure in the current management
Massimiliano Mirabelli claims Li Yonghong wanted to sack Milan boss Gennaro Gattuso last season, whereas “I tried to defend him in every way.”
I didn't mimd Mirabelli too much as I thought he left professionally and with respect towards the fans. BUT, lately he seems to be looking for reporters only to tell them things that will make him look good.
I feel that there is a close personal relationship between Mirabelli and Gattuso. (Not that it is a bad thing.)
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I Disagree... I actually think ;