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Quote:No reason to blame Ivan Gazidis for any of this - he has been blunt and realistic with the financial realities of Milan now that they're out of the Champions League. The club already has FFP breathing down its back and Elliott can't freely spend. This isn't football manager.
@andreabricchi77 on Instagram live: “I trust in Elliott, but I can’t be happy for how Rino and Leo left the club. Now I expect a very important replacement, like Campos and a high level coach. Conte seemed perfect to me, but he has gone to Inter. Jardim? Not sure about him”
This is indeed a critical moment for our team. Soon we will find out if Elliott is someone that we can count on or not.
Maldini is pondering Gazidis’ offer to replace Leonardo as Milan’s sporting director with more decision making power [Sky]
Personally I won't be happy if he refuses based on transfer budget or 'unclear project'. A poor Milan is still Milan.
So Sky is saying that Maldini has been offered the SD role (Leo's role). If this is true and Maldini says no, then I'm actually going to lose some respect for him. He's always said that he will only accept positions at Milan that give him a clear responsibility and he will never be just a face. Fair enough. I've never had a problem with that. 
So this role would be the highest responsibility possible. If he rejects, then he is just afraid of responsibility as success or failure will be directly tied to him. 

It doesn't matter whether we have a ton of money to spend or not. There are plenty of SDs out there working with limited budgets. So here is the role Paolo. This is it. This is the money you have...will you help us make Milan great again? Will you help us build as good of a team as we possibly can build with these resources? 
It's what you've been waiting for. Let's see what you can do!
"Downscaling of ambitions and cutting costs". Welcome to the new Milan...
(05-28-2019, 09:28 PM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]Personally I won't be happy if he refuses based on transfer budget or 'unclear project'. A poor Milan is still Milan.

Okmilan  Exactly my thoughts. You either want to work for Milan or you don't. Rejecting a role like that because you don't agree with buying young players or not enough money to spend is not a good reason. is the overlaying strategy/direction and here is the money available to implement it. Will you work to help Milan achieve this goal?

I don't see how he says no to that...UNLESS he is afraid that the project will fail and doesn't want to be associated with it. Whoch by the way, would be a cowardly act and in that case it's better for Milan that he stays away. We don't need that. We need people that will fight tooth and nail, money or not, to lift Milan up.
(05-28-2019, 09:30 PM)Arildonardo Wrote: [ -> ]"Downscaling of ambitions and cutting costs". Welcome to the new Milan...

Speculative and opinion based article. 

Gattuso didn't leave because of ANY of those reasons. He was going to be fired anyway. He was in no position to be demanding signings and big players. His incompetence cost us the 4th spot to begin with.

With Leo, who knows what happened. But the leading rumor is that he was esswntially promised autonomy on the sporting side and the Gazidis was hired who had decision making power over Leo. I'm not blaming him for leaving after perhaps promises were broken on decision making power, but that hardly means downsizing and lowering expectations. Leo is a hothead and as much as he called Berlu an egotistic person, Leo is perhaps even worse then Berlu when it comes to that. At the same time, this opportunity to work for the Brazilian Football federation came, so it was just the right allignment of things for him to go.
Yep about Maldini, and it's not like his current role was clearly defined either. If offered a role like Leonardo he shouldn't turn it down. As far as autonomy goes of course a CEO sets budgets, Maldini (and fans) won't be happy with a low budget Milan, but that's not interference. Interference is owner/CEO telling to play with 2 up front.