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I think it was reported that she didn't attend due to a fever. Anyway, it's undeniable her position has been undermined heavily by Silvio.
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25? That's way too old for him... Big Grin
Berlusconi needs to just stop:

Apparently Miha's under fire again after the Crotone performance. Really, this constant pressure every time the team doesn't perform to expectations isn't productive.
Boban and Costacurta in support of Maldini's outspoken comments.
Berlu and Galliani are "Senile and Seniler". Expecting those two to get together and come up with good plans for the team is like asking your two year old to hold an office job, simply impossible.
Berlusconi is taking jabs at Mihajlovic and the squad on Football Italia. This guy seriously needs to leave Milan.

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Barbara Berlusconi: "Our objective this season is to reach the Europa League"

Here is the rest of what she said quoted below. Honestly, myself and many others on the forum said from early that this is a Europa League squad at best, not a CL squad. Galliani and co were deluded to think anything otherwise. To think that Juventus went from SERIE B in 2007 to SCUDETTO in 2012 and we are still here scratching our heads about how to rebuild this team is frankly embarrassing.

Quote:Joint-CEO Barbara Berlusconi scales back Milan’s objectives - “we have to be honest with the fans, the target is the Europa League”.

The Rossoneri are currently sixth in Serie A, eight points away from the final Champions League qualification place.

“We have to be honest and direct with the fans,” Berlusconi said in a Press conference ahead of this weekend’s derby with Inter.

“The target is the Europa League, we think we can do it and next year get into the Champions League, the natural habitat of Milan.

“We’ve spent a lot of money in the transfer market, the team is solid.

“We constantly appeal to the fans for peace, we believe we’ve acted for the good of the team and the fans.

“I hope this is a game which won’t bring protests, it doesn’t help to work with tension. I hope everything goes in the best and the team gives their all.”

As daughter of club President Silvio Berlusconi, Barbara was also asked for her thoughts on the potential investment of Bee Taechaubol.

“As a Fininvest shareholder I’ve been trying to maintain a neutral stance between the two parties.

“The sale is in deadlock at the moment, we hope that the negotiations can be concluded in one way or another.

“My position is one of distance and respect, the club is moving forward with many projects.”
The club is moving FORWARD with MANY projects..

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