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Hey guys I'm a new guy here .I'm a fan if Rossoneri for 16 years.  I'm really happy to be a part if this group, I hope we will have many things to discuss and talk about. Can't wait until the start of the new season.  SEMPRE MILAN from Philadelphia USA .RED AND BLACK UNTIL WE DROPPED DEAD.  ?⚫????FORZA ROSSONERI ??? GOD BLESS Y'ALL ❤
I'm glad to be a part of this family.   Been a fan of ?⚫ for 16 years.  Love ACM for life.  I've been blessed to be a part of this family. Hope we have a good season and many things to discuss.  SEMPRE   FORZA ROSSONERI for life ?????????‍♂️?‍♂️ Love yall a be blessed. INTER MERDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Scaroni: “Milan? I don't want to sound venal to you, but it's all a question of money. Why is Milan not good? I explain it briefly: Milan revenues are €200M while Real Madrid’s are €700M. This means that Real can buy better players and pay them more.”

Scaroni: “How to reach €1B of revenues? You have in front of you two mountains to climb: the first one is the sporting mountain, if you lose all games you go nowhere. The second is the mountain of economic results.”

Scaroni: “You need to have a new stadium, you have to look for new sponsors, you have to sell your TV rights as much as you can, you have to go and get your fan base in the world and make it receptive to your products to increase your revenues.”

Scaroni: “In the world Juventus do not even come close to Milan. Milan is a global club because they have won seven Champions League titles. Juventus is an Italian club because they won so many league titles. And hats off to them because they’ve been great.”

Scaroni: “I say this in terms of fanbase. You have to be able to sell your products to those who support Milan in Indonesia, in Thailand and in Brazil but you don’t win the CL anymore in a while there won’t be Milan fans anymore in these countries.”

Scaroni: “Therefore you have to mountains to climb at the same time which we are trying to do. It amazes me, who is a newcomer to football even though I was the president of Vicenza some years ago in Serie A, that I see veteran experts who don’t know what is FFP.”

Scaroni: “FFP means that it’s no longer possible that a patron puts a billion and buys players, you can buy players and spend heavily only if you make profits and making profit is not easy. This is the great challenge we have ahead of us.”
Milan mismanagement. Scaroni shut up abd buy a top class player
(08-27-2019, 12:00 AM)artand Wrote: [ -> ]Milan mismanagement. Scaroni shut up abd buy a top class player

Good luck with that
(08-27-2019, 12:00 AM)artand Wrote: [ -> ]Milan mismanagement. Scaroni shut up abd buy a top class player

Well, we brought Higuain. He is top class right? We also got Paqueta, not yet top class but IMO alread top class talent when we bought him. There is also Piatek, going to become top class? At least, he was one of the best strikers last season. To add, we only played Europa League last season. I wonder what we could bring if we played CL.
Imagine what we could bring if we would have the Champions AND competent management. No Maldoban or whatever those frauds are called now.
(08-27-2019, 05:37 PM)millinarios Wrote: [ -> ]Imagine what we could bring if we would have the Champions AND competent management. No Maldoban or whatever those frauds are called now.

In your dream?  Angel
Maldini & Boban under Milan fire?
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2 Hours Ago

Paolo Maldini and Zvonimir Boban are also reportedly in the firing line at Milan as Elliott Management examines their poor start to the season.

Milan have made their worst start to a Serie A season since 1938 after losing four of their first six games.

Gazzetta dello Sport reports Elliott chief Gordon Singer was in the stands at San Siro, where fans turned against the Rossoneri players during their 3-1 defeat to Fiorentina on Sunday.

Although Singer would not have met Maldini or Boban after the game, the newspaper warns the two ex-players are being scrutinised along with Coach Marco Giampaolo.

The pair were brought back to the club over the summer, as part of a reshuffle behind the scenes following the exits of Gennaro Gattuso and Leonardo.

Elliott is said to retain confidence in their summer dealings on and off the field, but La Gazzetta nonetheless claims they are “at risk” if the situation does not improve.

Meanwhile, the pinksheet expects Maldini to dine with Ukraine CT Andriy Shevchenko after Atalanta’s Champions League game at San Siro this evening.

The meal is officially to celebrate Shevchenko’s 43rd birthday, but the former Diavolo striker has been put forward as a candidate to replace Giampaolo.
According to the gazzetta dello sport, there is not only the collapse of the results and the work of giampaolo who will not be in Milan. The Daily newspaper ensures that even the representatives of the Elliott fund present at san siro against Fiorentina have noticed direct tension between some players, some rift one with the other.