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Gandini: 'Who is in charge of Milan?'
Football Italia
6 Minutes Ago

Former Milan director Umberto Gandini maintains Marco Giampaolo “put himself on the chopping block” and reveals he warned Ivan Gazidis.

The club has been struggling in recent months, as they pulled out of the Europa League to wipe the Financial Fair Play slate clean, then sacked Marco Giampaolo after seven games to bring in Stefano Pioli.

“I believe Pioli arrives at the right moment and it’s impossible not to agree with Zvonimir Boban when he says this was a carefully pondered decision,” Gandini told Radio 24.

“This squad deserves better than its current position in the table and Pioli is the right man to prove that. Of course, if you try to compare these players to the past with figures like Paolo Maldini, Serginho, Cafu or even Ignazio Abate, you’re going to struggle.

“Milan should challenge for fourth place, along with another four or five clubs who have similar level squads.”

Giampaolo started with his 4-3-1-2 formation, but abandoned it after the opening game of the season, a defeat to Udinese.

“As far as I can tell, Giampaolo put himself on the chopping block after that Udinese game. After training the team with one system throughout pre-season, he lost one awful match and said he’d been asking the players for something they were unable to give.

“That’s where the cracks started to show. He lost four of the first seven games, the club thought it had a decent squad, so naturally there had to be a divorce,” continued Gandini.

There is another problem at Milan and that is the lack of clarity on who is running the show, as former Arsenal chief Gazidis, Maldini, Boban and President Paolo Scaroni all ultimately answer to hedge fund Elliott Management, who are based in London.

“This is a very different club to all the others, because the owners aren’t involved in football. Their objective is to restructure Milan, get it close to what it ought to be worth and then monetize on their investment.

“I’ve known Gazidis for many years and I told him that being a CEO in Italy is very different to in other nations, as he’d have to answer for his decisions.

“Up until recently, I asked myself who are Milan, as they need to have a face and right now, they don’t. Is it the owner who decides, Gazidis, the President or the Coach? Before, their face was Gennaro Gattuso.”
Like we said before ... starting from Leonardo to Boban and Maldini they must know if we are not cheating FFP wise we can't make a great squad any time soon, starting after B&G five years of good planning was the minimum, we have wasted some of it so let's say 4-5 years from summer 2019. Fans must realize this too.
The problem is that even the current squad must be capable of more than midtable. Right coach, right transfers (may be one expensive is possible per year), most importantly no 'pre-deciding'. What I mean by 'pre-deciding' is when we get a new coach he shouldn't call any player on this squad 'a champion'. Why would a new coach say that? Based on what? I think all of the coaches have said that very early on about Suso for example, all have made a mistake.
Berlusconi: 'Give Milan back to me!'
Football Italia
35 Minutes Ago

Silvio Berlusconi claims Milan can become great again by handing the club back to him and hits back at Ivan Gazidis. “Bankruptcy? You can say that in the toilet.”

The former President was asked about comments current CEO Gazidis made during Stefano Pioli’s presentation Press conference, claiming Elliott Management deserved more credit for saving a club on the verge of bankruptcy and demotion to Serie D.

“These are phrases someone should only say if he walks into the toilet and closes the door first,” Berlusconi told TeleLombardia.

“As for how we get Milan back to being the great Milan of the past, that is simple, yet at the same time difficult to make happen: give the club back to Silvio Berlusconi.”

Milan and Inter are trying to construct a brand new stadium, a project that Berlusconi did develop several years ago before abandoning it.

“These are lovely projects, I am sure it’ll be a modern and beautiful arena. We are fond of San Siro because we won everything there, every spectator gets a good view and I hope that a solution is found to prevent the old stadium being knocked down. Otherwise, I’d propose the city give it to Monza.”

Berlusconi is still in football, as he now owns Serie C club Monza, with Adriano Galliani as his CEO.

A few weeks ago, Berlusconi joked that there ought to be a friendly between Monza and Milan, assuming his team would win 3-0.

“That was a joke… I don’t know Marco Giampaolo or Stefano Pioli personally, so I don’t want to comment on things I’m not involved in.”
Berlusconi should just fuck off...politely said
(10-13-2019, 09:20 PM)artand Wrote: [ -> ]Berlusconi should just fuck off...politely said

+1  Okmilan
(10-13-2019, 10:38 PM)ACM2019 Wrote: [ -> ]+1  Okmilan

and I think you could likely add every Milan fan to that.
(10-13-2019, 09:20 PM)artand Wrote: [ -> ]Berlusconi should just fuck off...politely said

People adding here. So...
(10-13-2019, 09:20 PM)artand Wrote: [ -> ]Berlusconi should just fuck off...politely said

He's pretty much the whole reason we're in this mess, so yeah...
(10-13-2019, 11:04 PM)devoted_dm Wrote: [ -> ]He's pretty much the whole reason we're in this mess, so yeah...

Silvio's Like...
"Let me light a fire and burn this building down."
Building half burns down and the new guys are struggling to rebuild it...
"Only I can save the building"
Head on wall
(10-13-2019, 11:10 PM)porcho Wrote: [ -> ]Yep...
Silvio's Like...
"Let me light a fire and burn this building down."
Building half burns down and the new guys are struggling to rebuild it...
"Only I can save the building"
Head on wall

Yeah... He sold the club 8 years too late, in my opinion. After the 2007 CL win some kind of rot set in, and from there on we went through a slow, gradual descent from the position we'd held as one of the best, richest and most innovative clubs in European football. It probably even started a bit before that, as we never truly renewed the team that won the CL in 2003.

I can't remember his name, but the guy who's in charge of our marketing now recently said that in terms of marketing strategy we were 2-3 years behind the top clubs in Italy when he came in earlier this year, and about 10 years behind the Premier League. I think that illustrates Milan's problems perfectly. Basically we've been at a complete standstill for over a decade, while we should have been modernising and working hard to keep up with everyone else. We could even have had a new stadium by now, if you guys remember, but Berlu decided not to have one built after all because he loved the San Siro so much.