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elliot must take action asap. boban speaking publicly doesnt do us any good, even thou he is right. gazidis hiring coaches without talking to other people involved in the management is also shite.
Speaking exclusively to the microphones of Monica Colombo, signature of the Corriere della Sera, spoke about the situation between Boban and Gazidis regarding the interview of the Croatian executive. This is the question and the answer:

Turning to corporate matters, Boban's reply to the Gazette arrived this morning with the Croatian executive who wants Elliott to take a position. What will happen to Milan at the end of the season?

“I believe Elliott made his decision in full by supporting Gazidis' decision. Boban made one last attempt to call the Milan people to arms to save the salvable, but I think there is little to do now given that the Rossoneri club seems set to be entrusted to Gazidis and Rangnick. For Boban and Maldini there is no room for Milan of the future because the level of conflict has risen too high and a winner in this dispute is already there and it is Gazidis. Beyond who wins and does not win, the regret remains that two other flags will be lowered because within a year Gattuso, Leonardo are gone and probably next summer we will see the farewell of Boban and Maldini: a bleak panorama. Who knows maybe with Gazidis and Rangnick we will witness a technical resurrection, nobody can foresee the future. What is certain is that it saddens that Maldini, expected as the Messiah, is one step away from farewell and Boban in the same way. What is reproached is the fact that they were overtaken, not involved and overtaken by an administrator who should have dealt with sponsors and commercial contracts by delegating the sports part. "
For the #Milan in the summer the fourth managerial revolution is announced in 4 years: #Elliott has confirmed full confidence in Ivan #Gazidis , who has a three-year agreement with Ralf #Rangnick . #Boban (Infantino would welcome him back with open arms to FIFA) and #Maldini towards farewell
It seems Gazidis has a thing for old guys.
Boban and Maldini are expected to get sacked today. The only thing missing is the official confirmation. Fuck Gazidis and Elliott, they're going to destroy what's left of this club. What a bunch of idiots.
Elliot did the worse to ACM then Mr.Li
(03-02-2020, 07:04 PM)Artan Wrote: [ -> ]Elliot did the worse to ACM then Mr.Li

That’s utter nonsense. I get that you are unhappy with the state of things, but Elliot has done a ton in terms of stabilising the club. You might not see the good that Elliot has done because the finances are rather complex, but Berlusconi and even more so Mr. Li & co pushed the club towards the edge financially.
(03-02-2020, 06:53 PM)devoted_dm Wrote: [ -> ]Boban and Maldini are expected to get sacked today. The only thing missing is the official confirmation. Fuck Gazidis and Elliott, they're going to destroy what's left of this club. What a bunch of idiots.

If they are insubordinate by going out to criticise their superiors in public, they are asking to get sacked. Gazidis and Elliot has to take action against such a provocation, no organisation can let the inmates run the asymlum, not even if they are named Maldini and Boban. They are lower-level management, and should not act entitled.

Maldini and Boban are not going to salvage this club, only owners with deep pockets and a comprehensive plan for the future will. They can do their respective jobs as asked of them, but if Maldini and Boban are not willing to walk in the same direction as the owners, they should leave. I will miss Maldini terribly at the club though.
Elliott allowed Li to exist at all. As of 2018 either both are bad or both are good.
Since then they have't been negative imo, Gazidis was hired because a savings man is desperately needed cause the B&G losses were not sustainable, they could have hired someone less known in football but the person would have done more or less the same job. We can decide if Gazidis is not doing it well soon but it is still early. Letting go of Boban and Maldini could turn out to be a negative but it won't be because they are legends. Milan fans, more than others, should know being a legend doesn't guarantee success, see Seedorf, Inzaghi, even Gattuso.