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Boban sacked
(03-07-2020, 12:23 PM)Artan Wrote: [ -> ]Boban sacked

With Maldini and Massara likely to follow.For the 2and day running only Gazidis was present at training.
I dont think zee German will succeed as he wont have the funds Milan dont have the pulling power even for the likes of Olmo anymore.He also wont be given the time he was allowed at RB he's been in some capacity for half a decade , he wont be allowed half a year at Milan without instant upswing.
Rangnick is aswell linked with ManU today.
LOL if Rangnick ends up not even coming.
(03-07-2020, 06:17 PM)ACM2020 Wrote: [ -> ]LOL if Rangnick ends up not even coming.

pray for it Angel
Boban officially gone
Good riddance. Bigest critic (rightfully) of all ex boards, and yet when time come for him to turn words into deeds he done same if not worse job than those he criticized in past.
I would be only happy if Gazidis bring Rangnick.
Boban has always been a passionate character. Speaks his mind and tells his opinion. Unfortunately, that's not how things work when your job is to be in charge of a sporting sector at a club. You need to make sure that you bring no pressure to the players/coach. Instead, his pride got the best of him and screwed him and the club. He brought unneeded pressure onto Pioli and the players. Rumors have started to circle around on players' futures as wellnas Pioli's due to those comments. Whether he was right or wrong doesn't matter. He failed at his job, and the Curva Sud was absolutely 100% correct. He should have handled this behind closed doors. But pride is a terrible thing as much as it is a good thing...and now, because of it, we got the players and the coach wondering what the hell does the future hold and is there a future for them here!? Not where their mind should be at this point of the season.
I know FFP is a UEFA initiative but it is well discussed at FIFA. Boban knew full well what this means and Gazidis is a known quantity to everyone, even casual fans. There was no way Milan could and would be big spenders, in the short term at least. Gazidis may have done stuff poorly behind Boban and Maldini's back but as far as how Boban, Maldini and Leo want to run Milan it is mostly fantasy, and impossible. May be in 5 years it will be different but not now.