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Stitch, the mere fact that Berlusconi felt it necessary to mention the man's skin colour with reference to him being Italian, let alone the manner in which he did so, is already a problem. Black people have enough trouble being accepted in Italy as is - sections of various stadia are closed due to racist chanting on a seemingly regular basis. If somebody told me I had taken "too much sun" I would most definitely be offended.
As I said, people are too sensitive. And neither of you answered what should a big nose guy do in case someone makes a joke about it Smile

People need to relax, not everyone and everything is mean and unfriendly. Theres a clear difference between idiotic chants and throwing bananas, and a harmless joke thet is not meant as an insult in any way.

Another example, imagine a couple of black guys saying you are too pale, it must have been because you dont see enough sun. Would that be offensive to you?
Stitch, if you really think that commenting on someone's nose size is the same as commenting on their skin complexion then there isn't much of a conversation to be had here.
Yeah it is. Both are the reasons why people are different from each other, but both should have no influence on you judging on someone. A man with a small nose is not better than a man with a big nose. A man with white skin is not better than a man with black skin. Or vice versa.

Too sensitive, I tell you.
I think Berlusconi is not trying to be racist. Worse, he was trying to be witty. He really thinks he is so full of swag.
Stitch there's no significant history of discrimination based on nose size. The two examples simply aren't comparable.
(02-25-2016, 11:11 AM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]Stitch there's no significant history of discrimination based on nose size. The two examples simply aren't comparable.

Have you forgotten the holocaust???!

If you had a jew nose you'd get punched in the streets.

Derogatory jew nose comments exist up until this day. He might not realize it, but it was a REALLY good example.
That's anti semitism, which is just as serious as racism (a form of racism some might argue). Another example is today a man wearing a turban might be called a terrorist.

The point is, the nose and turban in these examples are features used to try and categorise or group an individual, but the hatred against the people is due to a deeper form of discrimination, one that is just as serious as racism.

However, going back to the original point, people with a big nose haven't faced discrimination like racism. In the example you gave, it's because the person attacked was thought to be or was Jewish, not specifically because they had a big nose.
Berlusconi should not be talking that way, whether it is only insensitive or racist saying "Mario Balotelli, who is Italian even if he has spent too long in the sun" is wrong on a personal level, even if not on a public level.
Sky Italia are saying that Mihajlovic has decided to leave regardless of what happens between now and the end of the season, Berlu interference being the main reason.