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Not to defend Mihajlovic, but this is ridiculous. Berlusconi should be the first one to fuck off. Angry
(03-07-2016, 11:41 PM)xudong Wrote: [ -> ]Not to defend Mihajlovic, but this is ridiculous. Berlusconi should be the first one to ***** off. Angry

100% on the money! And Galliani should go with him...

To be Honest I think Miha is doing ok. Not sure he's the right fit though. But... despite that, the biggest issue we currently have is Silvio and Adriano... Both are too old and no longer have the chops to lead us back to greatness. Both need to just **** off and let Barbara and Paolo come in and bring us back to where we used to be.
This is bullshit. I think with what he has, with injuries he has done great considering seria teams are all getting better (compared to years past) i will be sad to see him go. I love his strong character and players respect and love him.
If it's true that, according to Sky I think, Berlusconi asked Miha to start Balotelli vs Torino but Miha didn't then we are done. Not only it is bad for Berlu to interfere but it is pretty much only Miha himself who can leak it to Sky.
Why is all of a sudden Berlusconi so fond of Balotelli? Didn't he call him a 'rotten apple' a few seasons ago?

If it is all about the stupid 'all-Italian' project, then I have no word. This old fart is getting senile by day. The only possible advantage to this 'all-Italian' project would be (I guess) that players will be more loyal, but I believe that he also asked the primavera team (and maybe other youth ranks too) to go with this "all-Italian" idea, that can only be xenophobia. Facepalm

Every year we start from zero. Amazing.
I really really hate Berlusconi. This news ruined my day.

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Stitch, we are getting Antic after Miha Grinundwech
(03-08-2016, 03:18 AM)reza Wrote: [ -> ]Stitch, we are getting Antic after Miha Grinundwech

I dont have a problem with Antic :Smile

btw you guys are all invited [Image: dj-025.gif]
Are you going to have your party at the ATTIC? Icon_lol2