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Excuse me, if the idiot on our bench was a friend of convicted war criminal who killed hundreds of people in YOUR country, I'm sure you'd feel differently! Yes, I'm full of hate for the moron who happens to be coaching us, and I'm proud of it!
I think Miha is staying. As soon as the team performs badly, there are suddenly all these rumours about Mihajlovic getting sacked in the summer (or leaving on his own accord), but there rarely seems to be any substance behind them.

This might sound like a conspiracy theory, but I honestly think that a lot of this has to do with the media, and not what's actually going on at Milan. I don't think Berlusconi and Galliani are quite as insane as it might seem, and after having spent so many years in football I also think they are able to see that Milan has improved quite a bit this year. It's highly unlikely that they are blind to the fact that Mihajlovic has done quite well, especially considering the state of the team when he came to the club. If our season had started better, we would probably have been ahead of Roma right now. I don't think they're going to sack him unless the rest of the season is a complete disaster, also because the players obviously love him.

So, to me it seems like a lot of the stories we're reading these days are conscious efforts to cause drama at Milan and unsettle the team. Berlusconi has a lot of enemies in Italy, and there are many people who don't like Milan either. There are so many people who love to see us fail, and they will jump at any opportunity to make that happen.

If you ask me, it's time that we as supporters rally behind the coach and the team. F*** the h8rs!
(03-10-2016, 08:10 PM)Stitch Wrote: [ -> ]Excuse me, if the idiot on our bench was a friend of convicted war criminal who killed hundreds of people in YOUR country, I'm sure you'd feel differently! Yes, I'm full of hate for the moron who happens to be coaching us, and I'm proud of it!

A "friend" is to strong word. And lower that number. But there's no point of disscusing it here. It's not place for it. Open thread in some chit chat section and i'll gladly defeat all your "arguments".
My apologies to all members for this off. I'm done with this story.
We are not obligated to like anybody but politics stays out of MM. I will be enforcing it more strictly starting now. There will be no notice or warning when I delete posts either.
Reza is probably the most friendly admin in all the forums that I frequent so let's not make the job too difficult for him, shall we ? Smile
(03-10-2016, 02:56 PM)Sampinjon Wrote: [ -> ]Which project? One where everybody in the world ,ours and pegasus galaxy saw that we don't have midfield ,that we have a lot of issues and all what we have done was bringing Boateng in in january? Please... IF Berlusconi knew that he isn't going to finnish deal with Bee, he wouldn't spent  even those 90 milions . And in january they said "we have competitive team" and all good all fine. All people in the world which see that this isn't truth are retarded ,but Galliani and Berlu are right. And when we ask them at the end of season "How we didn't reach our CL goal for this season with "competitive team" - they'll say - "guilt is on incompetent coach ,we provided world class players ,we've done our part of job" . And like that for 6 years now.

Just because there's a project (potentially) doesn't mean the management stop making mistakes. Boateng and Balo were mistakes, most recognised that before they were signed, as was the question regarding the midfield problem. That said, regardless of whether Bee prompted something to start, we made signings with some very clear ideas in mind to help be more competitive today (e.g. Bacca), but also put foundations in place to try and build for the future with Romagnoli and Bertolacci (who I still think we should have patience with). I acknowledge it was an incomplete mercato last summer, but it was one where at least we saw clear targets being purchased or at least attempted for, unlike the previous mercatos where it was all about the opportunities available with little to no thought.

I think a lot of ex-players in the press are acknowledging this too. Boban was very critical last year of Inzaghi's Milan, but this season isn't anywhere near as aggressive and has often showed respect for the work done. Same with Maldini, who I think summed it up perfectly yesterday, saying something has finally started building at the club after years of damage, but it also will take a lot of time to recover following the amount of problems that were created as a result of those years. Interesting comment from Miha's press conference today was he acknowledged Maldini's interview and fully agreed with him.

Something was started last summer to rebuild the club, whether the management actually continue to work on it is another matter. Personally, I think we should continue with Miha for another season, have another summer like last summer where we reinforce well, but then it's only fair that expectations of the side and coach are that we expect a top 3 finish minimum next season. Set the bar higher, as while the position in the league this season isn't too impressive, we have seen clear progress of a side with an identity being built, now we need the results to match.

While I don't think Miha should be sacked, I can understand why Silvio would sack him. Silvio wants the side to play a very specific brand of football, one which Miha doesn't play, and possibly never will. However, Silvio must understand that if he decides to change coach, he must be 100% whoever he chooses to coach the side and that might mean compromising on his own ideas. For example, if Di Francesco comes and Berardi comes with him, it would be absurd not to accept that 4-3-3 is likely to be the preferred formation, something which apparently Silvio hasn't accepted for tomorrow as a possibility because he wants 2 strikers.

Also thanks for sharing Mathias, very little to disagree with in that article.
My only fear is that they will sell someone promising in the summer. Teams will come for Romagnoli and Bonaventura and Bacca. Even if you sell an aging guy like Bacca for good money, there is a good possibility that he will be replaced by a shit player.

All the rebuilding will go for a toss if this happens. this at the moment is my major worry.
I think Albertini in this interview pretty much sums up this year so far perfectly

Worth mentioning, he's also recently said he would love to return to Milan. Guys like him and Maldini should have been back and involved a while ago imo.
Berlusconi disappointed

Why is he disappointed? We sell our best players, replace them with crap and he still thinks we should win like before just because we're Milan? We're performing like we should expect with a group of players like this. It's no surprise we are where we are.