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I'd prefer they support the coach publicly. Even if its a lie. There is virtually no harm in supporting the coach. What are they scared of? that they will look like fools once they fire him?
I agree, I'd like to see the club support the coaches more. Paulo Sousa is the latest link, though personally I'd prefer Di Francesco if that's the case. Ironically, Di Francesco is rumoured to replace Sousa at Fiorentina
(04-05-2016, 09:18 AM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]There are rumours that Miha will be sacked if there's a heavy defeat against Juve.

Honestly, the whole situation in bonkers, with little reasoning. Yes the side has limitations, but really we could have done so much more in the last 4 games, we need to understand why this group can't consistently deliver the level of performance at least expected of them.

It's not the coach. It's really not. If it had been just the coach, then you would think that after four of them in the last three years, at least one would have managed to do reasonably well. But from Allegri to Mihajlovic the team has not improved one bit. It's a management issue, and as we all know it goes all the way to the top.

What is becoming more apparent than ever before is that Milan is not just a vanity project for Berlusconi, but also Galliani. Why is it that people like Maldini and Albertini don't have roles at the club? It's because Galliani has far too much power at the club, and he is clearly not willing to share it (which also explains why we never see Barbara anymore). It's been known for a long time that Maldini is not at the club because of his difficult relationship with Galliani, and I would think it's the same situation with Albertini. Galliani is old man who clings to his power and his outdated way of doing things in spite of what's best for the club. I'm not saying that these two would save the club, but they would at least have some fresh ideas and new approaches.

As for Berlusconi, I think enough has been said about his criticising our coaches already. I have no hope that he will actually point the finger at Galliani though. They're too close for that. This club desperately needs rejuvenation, new ideas and a new atmosphere, because the great Milan of the past is dead and buried. The management is trying to bring its corpse back to life, but they need to understand that it's over (ironically I think us fans realised it a long time ago). I don't think they will though, nor do I think Berlusconi will actually sell any shares in the club, so I predict another 5-6 years of this misery. At least.
devoted_dm 100%

I actually don't think Silvio needs to sell off the club, maybe some(to bring in money)
He just needs to step down and maybe let Barbara take over as President and bring in Maldini to replace Galliani.

For this to work though you would need to make sure Silvio and Galliani are completely gone and have no power left to come back and screw things up again
(04-06-2016, 12:26 AM)porcho Wrote: [ -> ]devoted_dm 100%

I actually don't think Silvio needs to sell off the club, maybe some(to bring in money)
He just needs to step down and maybe let Barbara take over as President and bring in Maldini to replace Galliani.

For this to work though you would need to make sure Silvio and Galliani are completely gone and have no power left to come back and screw things up again

Yes, absolutely. Basically Milan needs to become a modern club, which is something we're pretty far from being right now. For a long time I was hoping that we could return to the top the way Juve did, but I thought it through the other day, and I realised it's not going to happen, because our situation is actually very different.

Juve had players from the old guard at the club still, proper "senators," while we lost/sold all of them in the span of a couple of years. When Juve returned to winning, they had players like Buffon and Del Piero playing. Players who had been at the club for ages, had strong personalities and the right set of values. Basically people who were world class, knew what it means to win, and not least knew what it means to be a big club in terms of attitude on and off the pitch. We have nobody like that. Nobody at all. Those that didn't retire were sold, and that includes people like Ibra and Thiago Silva.

Juve also came out of their turbulent years with a new management who thoroughly modernised the club. A new stadium, new business approaches, a more modern way of doing things. Calciopoli and their subsequent relegation was year zero for the club. They were forced to start all over again, and it happened at the right time for them. If nothing had happened and Moggi had stayed, things would probably have been very different. Our problem is that we are still stuck with our Moggi, and nothing has really moved forward in years. Instead of leading the pack in terms of how we do things off the pitch, it's like we are constantly trying to catch up. We couldn't even build the new stadium we so desperately need because our club president is too emotionally attached to the San Siro.

To summarise, nothing is going to improve at Milan until we have new leadership. You'll see people in the media defending Galliani and Berlusconi, but the main argument you'll hear is that they have accomplished so much in the past, not that they have the right ideas about the present. The club is utterly stuck in a complacent, old man way of doing things. Football is not the same now as in the 80s or 90s. It's not even the same now that it was 10 years ago, which was the last time we achieved anything of importance in Europe. I'm not even going to blame Berlusconi's lack of investment for it, because we have spent more money than clubs like Napoli and Roma, yet they keep qualifying for the CL while we're not even making it to the Europa League.

It's absolutely disgraceful, and as a fan I am, to be honest, completely heartbroken.
I was just thinking the other day that it is pretty remarkable how Juve bounced back from B. I have no love for them but you gotta give it to their management. They are the most stable, the best run club in Italy. Barring PSG, Barca, Real, they can actually compete with other rich names when it comes to the transfer window.

The problems with our management are nothing new. We all have known about such things for a few years now. The sad part is that nothing has changed and it doesn't look like anything will.
devoted_dm, absolutely nothing to disagree on with your points, the coach isn't the problem, we've been through 5 (if you count Leonardo) now and only Allegri has shown any level of success and even during that period the team wasn't as strong as the past and there was complete chaos.

The current rumours are that Berlusconi, Galliani and Sacchi met at Arcore yesterday. Silvio wants Brocchi, Galliani wants Lippi, while Sacchi is advising Di Francesco or even Marco Giampaolo of Empoli.

I think Brocchi's a terrible choice, we've had no luck whatsoever with rookie coaches lately, and he's shown promise so why burn him. I'd rather say let him go out and gain experience in smaller clubs at senior level before he gets the job. I think Galliani's idea of Lippi is equally terrible. I like Lippi, I think he's an excellent coach, but since his world cup win in 2006, his relevance and influence in football has gone downhill. Honestly, I think he's in the twilight of his career, not someone you rebuild with.

I won't go into detail on Di Francesco, I've said I think he's possibly the best option. I'm not fully convinced on Giampaolo, as while he's doing well at Empoli, I want to see more of him first. Partly because he's had quite a mixed past as a coach, but also because he inherited a group that was already playing very good football under Sarri.

If it was me, Di Francesco remains the favoured choice out of those likely (Sarri would still be my top choice). However, if Di Francesco was to come, he needs complete support from the management with the players understanding what their responsibility is to him. If not him, I'd want us to go for Donadoni.

That isn't to say I want Miha out. I've actually liked most of what Miha's done this year and I think he's done better than both Inzaghi and Seedorf. However, I think in his case we're talking about a dead man walking and if Lazio's after him, then I wouldn't begrudge him for leaving.
I posted the following in the transfers thread, but changed it to here and deleted it over there since this is the more appropriate place for it. It is a response to what WCMilan posted in the transfers thread.

Posted by WCmilan - "I agree for the most part, especially about his system.. It seemed the most exciting over our past 3 coaches, especially considering I'm not a huge fan of the football Mihajlovic seems to want to play. One thing though, as far as Balotelli goes, I think Seedorf realized that being tough on the guy doesn't work, how many other coaches did that and he just did worse things, like set off fireworks in the locker rooms? I think what Seedorf tried to do with Balotelli was good, and that was to actually have a relationship with him so he wouldn't act foolish out of respect more than anything else. Besides that, Seedorf absolutely needed Balotelli to be playing well, because we didn't have Bacca back then remember? Who would play, Pazzini? Balotelli, attitude or not, was still our (if not only) best striker option."

Well yes, and it's a good plan...but for a while. After that, it becomes suicide!

You can not come to a club, state your philosophy that everyone will have to press the ball and defend...and than 4-5 games into your tenure look the other way and give thumbs up to some players that simply won't follow your philosophy (Mario).

I may be wrong, but part of the locker room division was precisely because of this. I've been on teams where certain players were treated differently....and the rest of the group quickly loses respect for that coach. And these are 20yr olds I'm talking about....let alone millionaire professionals.

I can say with certainty (even though no proof obviously) that plenty of players on the field were pissed as hell that they are asked to work hard and press the ball, and than Mario gets to walk around but still gets the thumbs up from the coach.

Than obviously, Seedorf's biggest fall was saying that 75% of the squad is sh!t. Not that he was wrong....but it was a really bad idea to come and say that in the open. It was basically like begging for your players to turn against you. Of course....he thought that the management will side with him and leave him there for years. Instead, they turned their back on him too. Mainly the same guy that brought him over from Brazil.

Regardless, without digging into this much whole point was that I have no confidence in this management anymore. I guess I could've just said that without writing books! Big Grin
thanks nefremo, it helps to keep this discussion about coaches in one place.

Latest rumour from Gazzetta is the club will look to contact Di Francesco, but they must act quickly as Sassuolo are ready to offer a renewal.
A couple of interesting comments made by Sacchi and Barbara Berlusconi today. 

The first by Sacchi:

I agree with Miha should stay on. His comment on Di Francesco can be understood in many ways, but I'll basically just say that I read it as if we choose another coach, he must be chosen carefully and given full backing. No point in Di Francesco coming in and getting sacked within a year because he can't reach almost impossible targets.

Nesta also commented the other day on coaching, and he said in the USA, he'll be able to learn and form his ideas without too much pressure of making mistakes, while in Italy, a mistake often results in a sacking.

On Barbara's comments:

What really stood out to me was her comment on the positivity within the club and commented on Rijkaard's treatment of her as an example. I've discussed a lot lately about how I think culture is incredibly important at the club and honestly the way she describes the club back when she was young is nothing like what we see today.