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You'd think that now that he is closer to the fag end of his life, Silvio would do everything in his power to see one more CL final with Milan again.
Fag end of his life? Big Grin Bunga Bunga with boys? Big Grin
Are we even surprised that Galliani and Berlusconi are named in the Panama Papers
We are surprised that they didn't pop-up earlier. It's only shame thet they will end up in tomb earlier than in jail.
Milan have responded and threatened legal action on this.

Anyway, this aside, there's more talk of selling the majority of the club again to the Chinese investors mediated by the American group that somedevil mentioned (I think it's in the venting thread).

It's hilarious how the club are talking about "no confusion", there's zero clarity right now. Berlusconi's lack of clear decision making means we keep going in circles. There's talk of the Ital-Milan project, Brocchi's the future of our coaching and we're building based on youth. On the other hand we're planning to sell the majority shares and suddenly the whole project goes up in air. Silvio has to be clear in his decision making, he's all over the place right now. In fact, it just feels like there's complete chaos in pretty much every management aspect of the club right now.

If the club is sold, there's both excitement and concern with what will happen, even if the new owners are prepared to spend big. We actually have an opportunity to build something internally at the club, the worst thing to do with money is to spend big to try and get instant success. I don't want to be a Man City or even PSG, they're clubs that may spend huge, but have yet to show they're of the highest quality. You can't just spend to succeed, you need foundations in place that will allow you to succeed at the top.

That means building from your youth and adding to it players who can understand the club's culture and philosophy. City and PSG are guilty of not developing an identity to who they actually are, a lot of it is a group of talented players who have been thrown together. From what I've seen of Chinese football, this is even more extreme, the clubs buy big as a show of power and wealth, but they don't build anything of any real note. I don't want Milan to be this, we need a sporting project and identity that's developed. It might take a little longer to bear fruit than trying to buy instant success, but it's the way the club can grow to genuinely compete with the Barca's and Bayern's of the world.
Anything is better than Berlusconi. We are alredy at the bottom of feeding chain ,so it hardly can be worse than this. I would accept a devil himself as club owner just to see this senile parasite leaving.
(04-15-2016, 12:09 PM)Sampinjon Wrote: [ -> ]Anything is better than Berlusconi. We are alredy at the bottom of feeding chain ,so it hardly can be worse than this. I would accept a devil himself as club owner just to see this senile parasite leaving.

I bet even the devil himself fears Berlusconi.
I wonder if Berlu wanted to fast track Brocchi's career and do him a favor because of this takeover. We've heard about his admiration of Brocchi for a while now, so now that a takeover (likely with a shake up in management too) is close, he wanted to get Brocchi set with a 2 year deal....but than Galliani stepped in and said:"Don Silvio, what if these Chinese back out too like Bee!? Let's just give him a 2 month deal!"

Nice story right!? Big Grin
It is quite possible. Maybe Berlu just wanted to reach world record about number of coaches on the pay-list at the same time. Maybe he realise that he can't compete with Zamparini.
Mihajlovic also can reach goal if he take Lacio job - train every team in Serie A . Almost half way already there.
The new owner is Italian-American and has experience with sports. That i think makes him a better candidate than bee for Silvio. I just hope to get some good owners. For sentimental reasons I'd love for Milan to remain in Italian hands but us getting back to normal is more important.