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Full Version: Milan Management
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You can never rule out Berlu changing his mind in the last second and decided to keep the team for some incredibly irrelevant and moronic reasons like "my love for Milan still burns". It's unfortunately the reality we Milan fans have to deal with, our team is run by a ex-superhero who has completely lost his mind and turned into a villain.

That being said, all the signs seem to indicate the deal is moving along without major issues. Berlu has consistently talked about how reliable and ambitious the Chinese investors are, and he is talking an awful lot of trash about the Milan fans, to the point where he sounds like he doesn't want to have anything to do with the team any more.

This whole Maldini business really is sad. By all means, he should be working for Milan the same way Zanetti is working for Inter. But my gut feeling tells me that he is not coming back for a while even after the Chinese take over. Berlu will still retain a fair share of the club even after the Chinese deal is completed. And as long as he is here, I have a hard time seeing him approve Maldini coming back. He, Galliani and Maldini do not see eye to eye, and there are obviously a lot of bad blood between them right now. Unfortunately for cap, I think his road back to us is probably closed for the foreseeable future.
I dont like when he always mentions that if the deal wont go through he will do this do that. Just go already
he is testing the fans by saying that stuff about ital milan, i mean yeah we want that, but the comment on us fans is really disheartening.
A ital milan wont work , not for a few yrs anyway, and we dont have few yrs to waste.
well, i can wait a few years if its meant a long run of victorious decade ahead of us.
Even Arsenal with talented youngster from everywhere wins nothing for past 10 yrs, and we will have ItalMilan?? Well I dont have that kind of patience.
And to think that all this management have to do since day 1, was to be honest, be transparent and lower their expectations. This is one of the worst management failures in the history of football. Almost ten years of bad management.
“I think it’s time to hand over [the reigns], after 30 years in which we’ve won 28 trophies,” he told Teleregione Molise.

“I’m the President who has won the most in the history of football and now I have to make one final gesture before leaving: finding a successor who can bring the Milan to an international standard.

“With the money from oil, players have based their judgments on Monopoly. For example, we’re talking about an offer of €15m net and €30m gross for [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic.

“It’s necessary to find people who intend to bring Milan up to high levels in Italy, Europe and beyond. They must guarantee investments every year.

“That’s why we’ve been negotiating with several companies and Chinese funds for some time: we know their names and, through those who are handling the negotiations, we’ve received excellent references. I hope we can get them to sign a commitment that would last for several years.

“They’ve asked me to stay on as President for three more years because they’ve said that my brand is very strong in China, where Milan have 243 million fans.

this is all good

“If this, our last attempt to find a successor, falls through then I’d have to stay with a different solution, [building] a team of young Italians and young players who come from our youth academy, such as [Gianluigi] Donnarumma, who is just 17 years old but still a great goalkeeper.

“We must ask the fans to be patient, even though it’s not always easy for them, [especially] those who can’t remember what Milan have done in the last 30 years.”

this dissapoints me
I dont have patience anymore with this management anymore. I dont even enjoy watching games live anymore knowing the possible outcome of a draw or a loss.
He forgot our youth academy is even nowhere near Atalanta youth, etc. Donnaruma is one after like 10-15 yrs