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I am pretty certain Maldini said that he didn't want to be just a face of the club. And I don't see how Albertini would want to do that either.
New owner has not come out yet 'to greet' the fans?
I'm a bit concerned about appointing someone like Maldini straight into a director role. I mean definitely get him on the board to help inform decisions but I'm not sure how much experience he has to be the main man.
I see and kind of share your concerns. but I am also confident in Maldini's intelligence. I am sure that he will make a quick and fairly smooth transition; plus, I doubt that he would be the sole decision maker. I suppose that he will be given the room to learn, (to fail), and (eventually) to thrive.
wouldn't want those two to come as "ambassadors"... they need to be more involved then that. At the same time, as other have suggested, it's a big ask throwing him directly into the director of football role although I do believe, with the right guidance and people around him, he could do amazingly in that job
I think Maldini's shown the intelligence and insight to be of great value in a role with responsibility. Like Xu said, it's unlikely it'll all be up to him and would surely be a more collaborative effort.

Sacchi's talked about Maldini, Albertini and Costacurta deserving roles in the club too.

Edit: Sacchi's comments
Nice to know. Hopefully first of many big steps we are gonna take. Milan fans all around the world deserve this after years of depression Smile
Berlusconi's message on facebook

Translated version (obviously poorly by google translate)

Quote:Thirty years ago I bought AC Milan for love. The yield by an act of even greater love: I entrust the team to a group that has the necessary resources and the will to invest them to bring AC Milan to compete with major international clubs.
I am naturally moved and saddened, but also serene in the belief that he had even acted once for the good of Milan, which will continue to be the most fervent fans.
Of these thirty years they will remain in the heart of great memories, without equal: I was privileged to lead the team that I love until it became the most successful club in the world. Remember and thank the great players, coaches and managers who have succeeded: many of them will forever be part of the football legend, the legend that we helped to write with extraordinary victories in Italy, in Europe and worldwide.
But above all, I will never forget the participation and the affection of the fans: the passion of millions of people for the Rossoneri colors has been instrumental in making this special team, unlike any other, stronger than any other, the stronger of ' envy, injustice stronger, stronger than bad luck. With them I will be in the stands to cheer and maybe to suffer, but I am sure that soon we will celebrate together the new great successes with which Milan will honor his great tradition. A big hug ... and AC Milan to each of you.
Quite a change of tune from a few weeks ago, when be accused the fans of having no memory or patience and insinuated that the fans are the reason the team was in the gutter. Anyway, good message, at least Berlu didn't walk out of his post with his middle finger in the air, like I thought he would. Good luck to the old man in his future endeavors.