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(09-02-2016, 08:39 AM)sylrus Wrote: [ -> ]I dont like this sabatini guy. He hasnt done anything to warrant a spot in our milan. Better give it to either albertini or maldini

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I would hire somebody with proper experience for the role... Like Rui Costa, and have Paolo as understudy Smile
How is Sabatini a bad director? He is miles better than Galliani. Sure we all would like a Marotta but Sabatini is a competitive choice.
what has he done at roma???
letting romagnoli go, almost sold paredes, bring dzeko, and if you look the way he done business it is not different than galliani for sure.
that is my opinion ofcourse
Dont forget he made us buy Bertolacci for 20M. Thats one very good point Smile

Gandini will represent Milan for one last time on Monday in the European Club Association meeting then will become Roma CEO
So Fininvest has released an official statement that they have received the €85mil from the Chinese.

It is now safe to say that it is all pretty much done. No more doubts, no more question marks, no more waiting. The Chinese pumped €100mil over the last month into Fininvest's accounts and there is no going back. The closing is expected in November and obviously just in time for the January transfer window.

News sources were also saying that Fassone was only waiting for this €85mil to come in before starting "official" talks with the candidates for the DS role as well as the other management positions that are expected to be filled by some of our former players.

Most sources are expecting for exact names to come out during this month.
Finnivest today released statement that they have received €85M, 2nd installment of the purchase down payment, from the Chinese investors.
May be we can dream now

via footballitalia

“Today’s announcement represents a milestone in the process that will lead to us writing a new and glorious chapter in the life of this incredible team,” Li Yonghong said.

“For many generations of fans, Silvio Berlusconi’s Milan embodied the very idea of winning and success.

“Our goal is to return this legendary team to the level of the best clubs in the world.”
Wow, that's great news. Smile

[Image: money-bath.jpg]
“Our goal is to return this legendary team to the level of the best clubs in the world.”

Im looking forward to this mate Smile this statement kinda got me goosebumps hahaha