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I believe he is the head of the scouting network at Inter.

In all honesty, a SD is only as good as his scouting network, and the willingness to work cooperatively AND NOT individually like Galliani.

I am not worried about this Mirabelli. I think experience is overstated when it comes to the SD position. I would actually prefer a guy that is hungry to work, that will respect the scouting network and that will work together with the group to create something......compared to a guy like Sabatini for example. These older guys like him remind me so much of Galliani. They've been around forever, they are arrogant and for the most part corrupted in some way.

Again, what's more important is the actual structure (and checks and balances) of the entire sporting network. That to me is worth more and is better than having the current system in place and just replacing Galliani/Maiorino with Sabatini for example.

People always talk about Monchi.....but it's not him directly. It's him in the sense of the network that he has established at Sevilla and the trust and understanding he has with the people that work within that network. You can bring Monchi here, but if we don't establish a network (or let him establish it) it will not make a difference. This is precisely why I am not really worried about the actual name that we bring to be the SD, but I am more interested in what happens afterwards. What are the new ideas? Are we going to have a network of people that work, scout, agree and disagree on players and future players? Or are we going to have ONE guy making all the decisions? I hope is not the later one...because if it is...we are screwed, no matter who we bring in!

AND, something tells me that fossils like Sabatini will not really want to sit in a room with scouts to go over a database and videos of players, and they certainly won't sit there listening to someone telling the not to sign so and so, etc. Guys like him and the others mentioned still work the old fashioned way. It's time to think outside of the box and adopt new ideas.
I agree nefremo, for an SD to be good on the market a lot depends on the scouting network they work with. That's not all an SD does mind, their role in managing the coaching and playing staff (as well as others) is valuable in ensuring the right environment is created to work well.

Anyway, I've been wondering how good our scouting actually is. Most of us dismiss it as poor, but if there's any truth to a number of the names we're linked to in the market, I don't think the scouts are bad, it's just they weren't listened to more often than not, because many of the names we're usually linked to are very good. Our scouting at youth level, particularly picking up very young talents is actually very good, so it seems strange that we wouldn't have a decent scouting structure in place at senior level too.

I don't really have any opinion on Mirabelli or whoever we're really linked to, because in all honesty we're not really in a position to judge, none of us know these people, their skill sets or views on doing the role. Even in the higher profile cases, like Maldini who I've said I want back (and still do), I can't say with certainty he'll do a great job, all of my opinions are solely based on what I've seen in the public view.
The news has it now that Fassone wants to bring a couple of other people over from Inter. I do not like this one bit. They are not really the most well run club and i hope Fassone isn't just limiting himself to working with those he knows. That would be another Galliani.

I still maintain that for the SD, I'd much rather have Sogliano who has proven in the past his ability to establish a good scouting network and take advantage of it.
So GDS did a profile on Mirabelli and turns out that he has done some pretty interesting shit. It's just inter who are a badly run club. 

Quote:La Gazzetta dello Sport on newsstands this morning trace a profile Massimiliano Mirabelli, the future of AC Milan sporting director. I call him Big Max - writes the rosy - because in the lower divisions won everywhere. But it is the feeling with Marco Fassone to give him the chance of a lifetime: to 47 years, the talent scout Cosentino has gained an enviable international experience, especially from 2012 onwards. After following months the Saint Etienne, reports the Inter trio Aubameyang-Ghoulam-Zouma, but the Nerazzurri will not listen. So, at the end of the season, Mirabelli takes at the chance of Sunderland, where he began to plan a high-tech system to coordinate reports around the world. Based on this experience, the following year returns to Inter, where he revolutionized the industry, giving confidence to a young staff. From his notebooks are born greedy market opportunities: fights to engage Murillo, Perisic and Brozovic, while reports in advance talents as Bentancur, Gabriel Jesus, Tielemans, Brekalo and Grujic.
Sort of semi controversy brewing, may be only media talk but still something brewing, that Fassone is relying on Inter personnel to fill positions around him, even at the expense of Maldini, Costacurta.
You know you are at an all time low when you start copying Inter of all clubs...  Dodgy
A pretty good summary of all that's been happening around this:

Honestly, I've been quite open to management being ex-Interisti people, but it's one thing when it's one or two people, but taking so many who were in charge during a period when their management has been as bad as Milan's seems completely off. I have less issues with where they come from as much as I do with their recent track record.
I was kind of disgusted when i hear they have appointed fasone. I mean cant they choose others. But atleast gali will be gone.

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May be I am being too contradictory or just plain wrong in recent times but fans not liking former Inter people is very fine and is very right! but seeing this kind of reaction from former players is surprising, not wrong but surprising especially in its public nature.
Not really sure what to make of all this and clearly we don't know the details.

But my take is....if we were taking in ex Inter legends/players (lets say Zanetti for example, or Stankovic, etc.) instead of our own, I would be absolutely livid as well. But from what I gather, the names being talked about are simply business people considered for business/communications/logistics related positions. If they have the qualifications and quality to do the job position that is open, than I don't see the problem.