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Okay let's have some positivity in here.

Fassone I see more of as a guy who was involved in the revival of Juve and involved in the birth of the Juve stadium. Both big positives. so what if he worked for Inter? Management guys don't have any colors. It's not like we are getting Zanetti on the board.

I just read something more about Mirabelli which certainly puts him in a positive light. This is from an MN editorial.

Fassone, we say to the Milan fans, has found the right person for the new Milan market. And you know why? Because he has seen it work Mirabelli Inter and can recognize that Mirabelli had made ​​positive reports on Murillo and Brozovic, had closed for Milik a year ago and Aubameyang. He had made ​​a negative report on Kondogbia and Brazil had two goals: Gabriel Jesus-Gabigol

If Mirabelli really did all this, then that is impressive work.
At the same time I'd like to say that the fact that Albertini, Maldini and Costacurta all are in opposition in one way or another (the former's twitter post and the latter both denied any interest in the job) tells me that there is something more going on that we and the media are not aware of. These guys would bleed for Milan and for them to distance themselves is not at all normal.
I would welcome our legends back, of course those with compentency, but if ex Inter players/legends proven to have better experience or necessary and required skills to be involved in our new mgt structure, I dont mind at all. This club has been run far too long by so called (Milan)' family', we need real professionals to run this club.
Tuttosport is reporting that Maldini and Ambrosini will be met to discuss roles in the club following the recent controversies with Albertini and Costacurta.

No details on what roles they would be offered or anything
I gotta be honest, I really hate these "Fassone is an Internista" stuff from the fans or ex-players. These high level officials for soccer clubs are like CEOs of companies, there is no such thing as loyalty to one employer. These guys are all professional managers, and they go to places (companies or soccer teams) where they can best utilize their abilities and build something successful. Their work at different places are part of their resume and they will want to achieve maximum success anywhere they go, to ensure they get the recognition they deserve. Just because a guy worked for Inter for a few years does not make him some kind of Inter maniac who would tear down Milan from the inside just to help out Inter. Fassone has his own reputation and career on the line by taking a job with us, and there is really no reason to think he won't try his absolute best to become a success here.

As far as ex-players apparently not wanting to come back. I think more than anything else, they probably want to see what the new management is all about before accepting anything. This new regime is completely unproven and clouded in all sorts of mystery. Maldini and Albertini both have other things going on in their lives at the moment, and probably wouldn't want to come back until they fully understand what they are getting themselves into.
"AC Milan, Maldini about to come back"
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