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(10-04-2016, 08:05 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]You're right Reza, having no hierarchy is just as damaging as one man controls all, but honestly right now we have no idea what sort of structure the new Milan management will have and I'm neither going to condemn nor promote Maldini's actions here, I'm simply not at all sure what the negotiations are, nor what's right or wrong.

Going by the latest rumours:

- Maldini and Fassone have spoken a number of times already: This can actually be seen as a positive, as if negotiations seemed unrealistic or unlikely, I doubt we'd hear anything. The fact that having already had discussions and have allowed this to go public means there's probably some optimism on an eventual agreement.

- Work with Fassone and Mirabelli on sporting decisions, including transfers in and out: This one is key imo and possibly the most difficult to manage. Maldini working with Fassone and Mirabelli on decision making is ideal imo, as I said before, with them reporting to the owners (Han Li or Yonghong or whoever) with their decisions. However, the biggest sticking point here, if rumours are true, is that Maldini wants freedom to make his own decisions and to have direct contact with the Chinese. The first, I think he'd need to concede on, as it should be a collaborative effort and a joint decision. However, I wouldn't begrudge him for showing hesitancy at a great level. Fassone and Mirabelli have a history of working together, Maldini would come in from the outside. On top of that, it's obvious that part of the decision to bring him in is his image in the public eye. If Maldini's not careful, he could be brought in for a face and ultimately be left out of decision making, especially if he only has the option of reporting to Fassone. There's a lot of politics involved in business management, so it's understandable there are doubts if you're making such a massive decision.

- Representative of Milan at UEFA and the ECA: I'm very "meh" on this one, it's using his image for the club (which is common), but not likely utilising his skills or talents.

Responsible for the management of the new Italian and foreign arrivals: This one makes complete sense, Maldini managing the players seems natural and I think should be one of his responsibilities.

- Manage the official executive team, with the possibility that he chooses all the other legends to work for the new Milan: Not sure what "executive team" means in this context so no opinion personally. "Possibly" giving Maldini choice on which legends can come and work in Milan feels kind of empty and pointless, because firstly it's not guaranteed and secondly there's no idea what role they'd have, it could be simply a nothing gesture to allow Maldini to have his friends back in Milan (something I disagree with as I want qualified people).

There's also disagreement on his pay, though no opinion personally as we have no clue what figures have been discussed.

I think as I said before, there's probably a lot of sensationalism going on in the press with the reality being somewhere in the middle.

Sensationalism in the Italian press?  That's unpossible! Sagrin
This is what I saw on twitter:
Maldini: "For now I don't agree with the role I have been proposed. I am ready to say 'yes' only to a serious project."

I am very disappointed in Maldini, not saying my feelings are right or not or whatever but this quote, if true, is very sad to read before a closing and the stage of the process that we are.
Maldini: "I see that my name is put a lot of time in false news or at least not verified. It's true that I met Fassone and Mirabelli in my house. I was told that the goal is to bring Milan, in five years, amongst top clubs in the world. So, in this case, my story as a man and a Milan player requires me to fully understand the ideas of the new owners. I need to hear it directly from them for a reason of consistency. If I put my heart and passion, because I know how I am, I would work 24 hours a day and 365 days a year for this cause. I want to work for a really serious project. I'm ready to change my life. I didn't look for Milan, but they looked for me. So I think that I have to talk to the new owners before making a final decision. It's a matter of principle and justice. It was said that I have high economic demands: I have not made any such request. I simply pointed that if I were to be entrusted with the technical area, it would be fair that I can make decisions autonomously. And this does not mean bypassing the role of Fassone. There were talks about my inexperience: I would say that at the technical level I have experience. And results from a life spent on the field with the Milan shirt. I continue to consider it not a second skin, but my first and unique skin. I would like to make one thing clear, without generating any kind of misunderstanding: any decision I had to take will be only and exclusively for the good of Milan. And if in the end I have to be part of the club, I wish that the contacts with the owners, of course shared with Fassone are continuous and constructive. If you have to return to the top, it must be done together, with a shared project. It is also said that my negative response has already arrived: At the moment, I don't agree with the role proposed. I ask for respect, a respect that I deserve."
Maldini: "First I repeat that I respect Fassone a lot, who has a delicate task. We met four times in a month. He told me that I'm the first and the only choice and explained why: my life and my story are the basis for their decision. Everything I have done for Milan has an important weight. However, just of respect for my story, if I accept to enter in Milan I will do it only by following my ideals. I deeply love this club and I can help just by listening to my heart and my head. For the good of Milan I have to be myself."

Maldini: "The problems? I can't assume certain responsibilities without identifying the owners. I would like to know the new owners, share the project, talk about strategies, listen to their objectives and guidelines."

Maldini: "Who else I met except Fassone? David (Han Li), the fund's vice president, the only one who speaks English. But it was a ten-minute talk. He told me he wants me strongly in Milan, we did not go further."

Maldini: "If I put conditions? I don't know if I can say 'conditions', but they were looking for me and then it's right that I have asked for some things. There are two obstacles: the lack of a direct responsibility in the technical area and the lack of clarity for the role. They have proposed a structure with Fassone as a CEO, Mirabelli sporting director and me as a technical director. But the point is: What I will do? With Mirabelli we should manage the sport part, if there is a difference of views who decides? I can not have a role in half with another person. It seems inevitable to face this problem now. So I asked to know the owners and to know directly from them what they expect from me. I want them to share their project with me. I just know that with me there will be Fassone and Mirabelli. But the roles are likely to overlap on many things. I was told that the goal is to bring Milan among the top five clubs in the world. But that means working 24 hours a day. I am willing to do it, but I must know well how things are."

Maldini: "If there is a dead line for the answer? No, but in the coming days we will define everything in one way or another. I'm not in hurry. I would only like to know from them what they intend to do for the good of Milan. Then I'll put myself, the credibility and attachment to the colors, the time, the sharing of the project and work."
Maldini: "It's not true that I want to bypass Fassone's role. Fassone is absolutely credible. With me he was very kind, he said really nice things."

Maldini: "Economic reasons? Not true. We never talked about money. How we can quantify it before they tell me first what will be my role? In the four meetings we never passed the first hurdle."

Maldini: "If they have not implemented my requests? It seems strange, but I repeat: I need to hear from them what they want from me. The work would be complicated but fascinating: I would leave the quiet life of last years to get back to the game."

Maldini: "If in the end I return? You should ask them. So far there have been many rumors and little clarity. But it's possible, only with defined roles and by sharing the project. As was the case in the great Milan of Berlusconi. I'm not the one that should give an answer to them, but they should give me. I realize that I can seem like a complicated man. But this character and my approach to sport and life have led me to be what I am and what I was in the field. And then it has to be so: this is Milan."
I got this from R&B. Make of it what you will...
"I can not have a role in half with another person"

I am going from disappointed to shocked, hopefully it's just me (or very few of us) otherwise this is bad...
That statement is "Galliani level" arrogance...

But there are also other statements that are legitimate concerns. He wants to meet the new owners and simply know who they really are and what their ideas are. Not simply, "we want to make Milan the best in 5 years". Also, the part right after that quote you mentioned..."if there is a difference in opinion, than who decides and that it's best that this is settled now!"

I would assume that it is Fassone in part with the owners (president that's put in place) that will decide whch way to go if there is a difference of opinions. But if Maldini wants full power to make decisions than I am completely against it. We don't need another Galliani no matter if his name is Maldini or Baresi or whoever. We need checks and balances and I am actually in agreement that the sporting sector should be shared among more than just one person.
Personally, I find nothing wrong with Maldini's statements. After the decline of Milan in the last ten years, anyone would be cautious before stepping foot on the ship.

Maldini coming back to Milan is a big deal- a huge deal and if I was him, I wouldn't want to come back only to not be able to do my job fully and end up tarnishing my name.

It seems that he does not have the clarity to make a final decision. That is all I take from the interview and I don't see anything wrong with hesitating to accept a job because you do not know who the owners are or what your exact responsibility will be.

I say this is the exact clarity we need- clarity of roles and boundaries. I am really not sure why such a big deal is being made out of these statements. As of now we know nothing clearly.

On the other hand I think it's great that he has come out and said all of these things in great clarity without making vague statements. For me, If Maldini comes back then we know that this project is credible and the Chinese are genuine. If Maldini isn't back, then a part of me is going to doubt the intents of the Chinese.
Yes I admit the short part I quoted is me being selective but I still don't like it.

somedevil and others, the issue is as much about them (Maldini, Albertini, Billy) being public about this as it is about what they say. I am not a fan of either it being public or them seeming this 'demanding'

I hope to be proven so wrong about a messy ownership and management team to come.