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I guess you mean 'point man' in the operation, one who will answer and communicate when dealing with Fassone? Because if in October and it still going on I don't think Fininvest are that dumb to not be sure about it money wise, forget Berlusconi himself, Fininvest is a multi billion dollar company who pushed for a sale to get 500 million at least. So if we are worried about a particular man I think it looks to be Han Li, he has been mentioned and apparently the one in the photographs with Berlusconi
Maybe it is just me, but I still don't know who is going to be the new owner or owners. I am sure that Fininvest knows who are the ones that will bring money, but I am talking about the public that seems to be in the dark.
Looks that way at the moment. I'm not sure how much I believe the papers though, as apparently the Chinese investors are angry following the comments. Apparently not even Silvio himself knows the names, so how the papers know this I don't know. Apparently Han (David) Li is also angry, but until that's clear I'm not going to believe all the rumours. That said, I do think the events of Tuesday have muddied the waters, as Sino Europe were quick to announce the Mirabelli as Sporting Director after all this news broke out.

I think a game of politics is being played out in the press in that sense, I think both sides are trying to get control and the upper hand and it's proving to be quite a messy ordeal. The sooner this is sorted the better, because this is mostly damaging the image of all concerned right now. If Maldini comes I will be happy, I've never hidden my desire to see him return to Milan and I've stated many times why I think he'd do well, even in a position of power. That said, unless and amicable agreement can be found with Fassone, Mirabelli and the Chinese, there's no point in him returning, there needs to be absolute clarity here, because if it leads to conflict, then this is a terrible appointment.

There's more rumours about pay (600k offered, Maldini wants 3m), but I doubt there's much if any truth to it. Obviously there's also the current question that the owners have yet to reveal themselves, something Maldini insists on knowing. It's rumoured that the names will be revealed to Silvio soon, which if true would be a good opportunity to reveal them to Maldini as well (privately of course) to try and bridge the gaps between the parties.

Gazzetta today has published the list of duties offered to Maldini as technical director:

1. To make decisions is sporting area with Fassone and Mirabelli.
2. Define the guidelines for the youth sector.
3. Take part in some of the negotiations with Fassone's request.
4. Represent Milan in institutions like UEFA and ECA.
5. Manage the relations between the club and the team.
6. Be a reference of the team, present in training.
7. Travel with the team in away games.
8. Become ambassador of the club.
9. Manage the insertion of the new arrivals.
10. Supervise the compliance with the regulation.

I looked at this list and thought there's no clarity here at all. I agree with Maldini being involved in many of these duties, but honestly this gives no idea what the actual role is. I'd hope and assume that this was discussed in a little more detail between Fassone and Maldini, because if not this whole situation is laughable. There's loads of overlap here it's worrying, such as 1 (who makes the decisions for what areas??), 2 (that's Galli's job!), 3 (That's surely what Mirabelli's role is, why would Fassone even dictate this!?), 4 (imo, that should be a different level of management, a Gandini like person), 5 (is this just Maldini, is Mirabelli as SD involved?), 6 (Would he be stepping on Montella's toes?), 9 (again, what's Mirabelli's role here?) and 10 (as with 4, a Gandini type role is needed here).

Personally, I'd make a clear distinction in the hierarchy in the club as to who is responsible for each duties, trying best to utilise each individual's qualities and experience in the most effective way possible. That's not just at the senior level, but to incorporate the youth structure into that structure to help for seamless integration from youth to senior level. So key parties (that I'm aware of) at a high level would be:

Fassone (CEO): He would oversee the project from both sporting and commercial perspectives depending on what the owners are looking to achieve. He would be responsible for managing resources across the club and from a technical (sporting) perspective, support the technical staff in achieving their targets. However, his involvement needs to be high level, not managing the day to day duties of the club, which is why he has the likes of Mirabelli and Maldini. He would also liase most with the owners, both at a commercial and technical level on a regular basis. In these meetings, key directors would also be involved to produce their own reports on how their work is progressing (i.e. Mirabelli and Maldini would be involved in these meetings).

Mirabelli (Sporting Director): His background is in scouting and recruiting and imo would be best utilised by being in charge of playing recruitment across the company, including at youth levels. He would be in charge of developing the scouting network, monitoring and valuating targets and then negotiating to recruit new players into the club. He might request Maldini or a coach be involved in specific negotiations to help entice targets. He would also be in charge of managing Bianchessi and his team at youth level recruitment and where needed, be involved in contract negotiations for renewals. In addition to this, he'd be heavily involved in identifying where resources are spent.

Maldini (Technical Director): Maldini's role would be managing the technical areas of the project. This would be to manage the playing and coaching staff at senior level, identify needs and requirements within the sporting project and liaise with Mirabelli on identifying the correct targets for the club. This would effectively be identifying the requirements within the current group of players and the qualities required and then work with Mirabelli who would scout and try and negotiate for targets with these qualities. Maldini would make suggestions for individuals he see's as best suited for purchase, but would be expected to work with Mirabelli's findings from his scouting network.

Galli (Head of Youth Sector): Galli would effectively continue his current role in managing the youth sector, the coaching staff and working with Bianchessi and his team to recruit and help integrate young talents into the youth sector. He would work closely with Maldini to help identify players ready for the senior set up and support Maldini in integrating them into the senior squad.

Bianchessi (Head of Youth Scouting): Like Galli, basically continuing with his current role in heading up scouting and recruitment at youth level, but working directly under Mirabelli to better integrate the scouting and recruitment departments in the club.

With the last two, I don't see a reason to fix what isn't broken, I'd just want to streamline it, so the youth and senior departments work closely together. All of the above is the way I'd personally see this management group working best together, with distinct roles and responsibilities for each, but coordinated to be working together for greater efficiency. The hierarchy would appear as...

|                                                    |
Mirabelli                                     Maldini
|                                                    |
Bianchessi ----------------------------------------------
                                             |                           |
                                           Galli            Senior Coaching/Playing staff

Edit: Sorry for the rubbish hierarchical diagram, just couldn't be bothered to do it as an image I'd have to upload Big Grin
Thanks, Dev! Okmilan I enjoyed reading it. Smile

That's a great hierarchical diagram by the way, I don't know why someone called it rubbish. Grinundwech
Thanks Dev, great post.

In my opinion the legends started going public prematurely and I don't like that. I am repeating myself I know.
Thanks both
Maldini just posted on his FB page that he is not coming back to Milan
Looking forward to seeing a translation, my Italian is still poor. I am still not happy with the public aspect of the legends, they practically gave the new people zero time in my opinion. This whole 'want to see the project' is way over rated, new people need time to set their mark, no one, not even Maldini, has a crystal ball.