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Actualy I would be worried if they didn't.
I honestly don't know what else Paolo expected from this situation. You are being offered a very high position in management without ever actually performing this role in the past. Of course you have to be answerable to someone - that's how it works in any reasonable company. To expect full autonomy on your very first position is a little arrogant IMO. There are other former Milan players like Rui Costa for example who have actually been working at another club and can show a track record of success. Now, instead of at least having a significant influence on the direction of the new Milan, he'll have none.
Well to me this is mind frame issue, different thought process kind of issue. Laugh if you want but to me this is an extension of the 'Cant imagine Milan without Berlusconi' line. I am losing count of how many players have said that, including Rui, btw. Why can't somebody only answer 'he himself decided to sell, let us move forward, thank you for the 30 years' instead of those can't imagine stuff. Even those players that might not have been very happy with Berlusconi identify "one" person with Milan.
Report says Fassone could offer Baresi mgt post
Makes sense. He is already working for the club. Also today Leonardo today came out with comments supporting Maldini, saying he was right to reject position in a project where nothing is in place yet.
Grinundwech lol

"Milan chief executive Adriano Galliani may be on the verge of joining Real Madrid in a similar capacity."
than maybe he can give us isco or ronaldo
(11-02-2016, 03:01 AM)sylrus Wrote: [ -> ]than maybe he can give us isco or ronaldo

With loan and option to buy Devilcool
He will take Montolivo and Abate there