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I doubt anybody here was serious about their "proposals". At least on this last page Big Grin
(05-10-2017, 02:50 PM)Sampinjon Wrote: [ -> ]I doubt anybody here was serious about their "proposals". At least on this last page Big Grin

Moyes said he will stay at Sunderland, but may be we can convince him

No... Devilol
Why not Silvio himself. He's already said the problem at milan is the tactics not the players... Maybe his amazing tactics will fix us once and for all...
Quote:With one year still left in his contract, Montella's future as Milan coach depends on Europa League qualification [Sky].

May not be popular opinion, but I believe this is fair.
I don't think it's unfair, Montella's done well this year, but that doesn't make him immune to having targets to reach. I think earning a top 6 place should be the goal (something he's said himself all year) and if he reaches it, that's great, but if not, then it's only fair his position, along with the players, be under review. I'm not saying sack him if we don't reach EL, but certainly at that point there's a need for discussion over whether we proceed with him.
Montella has had my support all season long. He still does, but he is kind of pissing me off with his insane choices recently.

This summer is destined to be a crazy one (it'd better be!) so anything could happen. And I am keeping an open mind, I guess, I will have to.
I'm just hoping that sampijon wont come out next year and say "i told you so" lol

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I'm afraid I will Big Grin
I would be happy that I'm wrong ,cause that would be mean no lost year for new Milan. But ,just can't see it happen ,cause Montela didn't done anything that would suggest opposite. Actualy in those last few weeks he's just proving me right. He's lost like a little lamb in evil forest. It seems that he's trying to fix things using "extraordinary metods" (like some shaman or I don't know) but all he succed is to dig in ourselves even deeper into mud.