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Backfired is exactly the right term here. He's not only being criticised for his comments, but his work is regularly getting criticised as everyone is mentioning how this is clearly an attempt to cover his failings.

He's being slaughtered in the Italian media:

The curva, who clearly want him gone anyway have spoken about it too:

Interesting to note they also don't have any issue with Maldini returning.

Sacchi, who is very close to Silvio and Galliani and has always maintained full support of them has commented against them in this controversy:

There was apparently a 3 hour meeting today at Casa Milan following Galliani's faux pas:

Now I just hope the club act on another act of ineptitude and take action against Galliani. Unfortunately, it sounds like the meeting wasn't too serious.
Found this pretty funny:

Inter bitching about Milan and Juve is style? Devilol
Well, you can't really blame them, can you?

they're in no better condition than us, they only want some of the attention and headlines Big Grin
Silvio's most recent comments on visiting the team are downright bizarre:

Personally, the first thought I had was the comment actually makes him sound like a right wing extremist, even if I'm not totally in disagreement. I agree that the club need to have a better focus on Italian players, simply due to cultural similarities and greater attachment and understanding of the club and its values. However, it should not mean to be exclusive to foreign players (which is how this reads) and I wonder how seeing/hearing these comments make the foreign players currently in the squad feel, especially knowing that everyone in the club is going through a tough time.

The focus of his comments should have been to create players from the academy, because inherently that will garner more Italians in the squad anyway and they will in theory be a tighter group. In addition, if he wanted to praise the transfer market and the fact that all the players bought are Italian, then the focus on them all being or having been Italian Internationals is a better way to comment on it with subtlety. I don't agree with Milan being all Italian for the sake of being Italian, that's a nonsense idea in today's world and the decision has to have some logic or purpose behind it. It's also damaging in a time when Milan are trying to market itself as a global enterprise, with Silvio actually undermining Barbara's work with these comments.

As for Paletta and Bochetti having "honest" faces, I don't know what the hell he's talking about. Maybe he looked at Muntari's face before talking to them. Ole
Berlusconi is a xenophobe, and the sad thing is that it reflects Milan as a club. For example, all non-Italian coaches were fired quite easily, even when they had better results than the Italians. Seedorf, Leonardo, Fatih Terim, all gone very quickly and replaced by Italians.

Seedorf was no worse than Inzaghi, and yet Inzaghi is not under the pressure as Seedorf was.
See what happens after we sell the team bus :p

[Image: Bul2FZaIEAEvkIp.jpg]
I've seen that picture before. I'm not quite sure what to make of it tbh, it's totally normal (a man riding a bike), yet totally comical given who's riding the bike. Big Grin

Just thought I'd mention that BeyondThePitch has a podcast out following the Juve match which talks extensively about Milan. There's some decent points in there (nothing new to most here) and is imo worth a listen.
Recent Galliani's comment can be interpreted as:

-Everything is fine, our results were just a bad luck due to injuries
-Once these players return, everything will be fine, and we will not invest in the squad for next year
Not 100% relevant but just want to put this here, it shows a lot about marketing and how a team can be managed

Quote:More visitors to Real Madrid's website come from the United States than any other country, according to the club's director of institutional relations Emilio Butragueno.
Devoted_dm mentioned this in the venting thread, but it's probably more appropriate here:

Barbara's pushing for Silvio to sack Galliani.