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Antonio Cordon was Monaco sporting director since July 2016. Cordon announced that he will leave 10 days ago
and He will join AC Milan, the offer from Milan is so big he couldn't refuse. He will however finish the transfer window with Monaco unless they find his replacement quickly. Rumours say that he will work for the consortium not the club, and will be based in London.

I wonder what this is all about?
I read about that yesterday, am interested in seeing what comes out of it. Either way, sounds like an exciting addition, whatever his role.
I must say: Grazie Presidente!!!

Compare to Inter who have Chinese owner one year sooner than us but have carried out returning plan like sh*t, we are much better with new owner and new management.

B & G have done their last job in Milan perfectly!!!
Let's wait and see in the next years and mercatos ... but it's true that so far, it's been perfect from the new owner to the new people working in the management ... Impressive on this short-term sight, if they are as impressive on long-term, we will win CL again !
Yeah, we need to wait to see how the team will play next season, but what more can the owner & management can do?

Gathering money and spending wisely. We have showed the football world not only our pocket but also our quick neurons.

My only (little) concern is about Montella, but he proved he can win the tactical battle against Allegri. And I think F & M even have plan B for coach position, given how good they are.

So Berlusconi should receive some credit!
True. Not much more an ownership can do. This has been extraordinary so far, and the transfer window is not even midway through. It will all depend on the CL. If we make it this season, than we are set for success. If that is the case, next year's transfer window shouldn't be more than 1-2 players, which I am sure will be easy to do.
First day of sales for the yearly tickets : +1000% compared to last year !
The club has a 30000 tickets goal, but it is expected between 30000 and 40000 tickets will be sold ...
San Siro will roar again !
Rumours say that he will work for the consortium not the club, and will be based in London.

That would explain what happens to Mirabelli and how they are paying him so much, not dealing with ffp. Undecided
Quote:Massimiliano Mirabelli has given an insight into Milan’s methods when signing a player. “We don’t hide in hotels or restaurants…”

Milan have brought in 10 players at a cost of over €200m since Mirabelli’s appointment as sporting director, and Mirabelli explained to Gazzetta dello Sport how the Rossoneri went about negotiating their deals.

“I’ll tell the truth. When Fassone asked me to join him, I said ‘yes’ to him, rather than the project,” he began.

“We’d been involved for several months before the new owners took the club from Silvio Berlusconi.

“It all could’ve ended badly, but now Fassone and I have decided to become a couple!

“We must be transparent with the fans on social media. We must explain our actions clearly.

“We’ll do everything out in the open, starting with the transfer market, from our home at Casa Milan.

“At first, directors and agents didn’t even know our address. The fact is that we don’t hide in hotels or restaurants when discussing a player.

“We don’t have any secrets. Things can also go wrong, but I’ve learned that even from a defeat, you can end up winning if you keep your back straight.

“And keeping our back straight is another firm commitment to those who support us.

“We respect the work of everyone, but we don’t want to be held to ransom either.

“Agent’s commissions are paid in a certain kind of way, when a player moves from one club to another and not when a renewal takes place.

“We prefer to make mistakes after seeing them with our own eyes. We’ll see a player several times, before deciding whether they’re right for us.

“Only after that will I ask who their agent is. It’s not the agent who offers me his client.

“Donnarumma? His renewal is like a signing. We ended up [negotiating] on our terms and he gave up a lot of money.”

Interesting piece from Repubblica saying the plan for Yonghong Li and the club is to build a sporting village in China, with things like theme parks and stuff.

This isn't a new concept, though maybe on a scale we've not fully seen before.