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Nostalgia aside, why do people want Carlo back? For the majority of his career, he has worked at clubs where he basically had the best of the best players from which to pick. Not sure if he's really the one to kick-start a new era at Milan..
I honestly think you're underestimating Carlo... He didn't always have the best players to pick from but made them work.
He did ok at Real Madrid. But hasn't done well at Bayern...
He would definitely bring in some major enthusiasm, as well as showing the world we mean business, if the 200m spent hasn't already, just not sure it's the correct move technically. I think the emotion of having him come back home as well as what it would mean to our image would play more into it then his coaching ability.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think he'd be the best choice for us, but certainly a good option nonetheless...

Rumours going around have us linked with;
Carlo Ancelotti
Antonio Conte
Paulo Sousa

Currently I'd be happy with the top two, and less so for Sousa. In saying that Sousa has done well everywhere he's gone, except Fiorentina. There seems to be more to the story there. Coach after coach, starts off well then everything falls apart and either chooses to go or gets sent packing...
I agree with Mystik, I don't think right now Carlo's the right fit for us (I've written my thoughts on Carlo and Bayern in the EPL thread recently).

If we get a new coach, it's hard to look past a name like Conte tbh. We know for years that fundamentally we have an issue with psychology within Milan and he's a coach who excels in this aspect of the game. That's why the mental strength at Juve has been so strong since he got there, I actually think that under Allegri it's relaxed a little.

However, coaches aside, I think and hope the change in athletic trainer shows a focus that goes deeper than which players and coach we have. I don't know why Montella decided to part ways with his previous trainer, but I wouldn't be shocked if it's a change for the better. It's no secret that we've struggled with maintaining intensity and energy at high levels through matches, not just under Montella, but ever since the Allegri days. It's been cited in the press Montella decided on the change because of this reason, he wants a shift to a more intense style of play and doesn't believe the current athletic training allowed for this.

Moreso, this goes a level deeper than that. I hope Fassone and Mirabelli are taking steps to ensure that some of the money they get is invested in the sporting structure of the club. For example, back in the mid-2000s MilanLab was considered the best at sporting medicine and physiology that could be found in football. There was heavy investment in the management and treatment of players and it's one of the reasons why guys like Costacurta and Maldini were able to play at the highest level into their 40s. With the downturn in investment at the club in general, I read that MilanLab's budget was basically halved, the results of which can be seen in the number of problems we've had with injuries in the past decade. It went from being the pinnacle in the sport to becoming a bit of a joke. Nowerdays, what was something unique and special about the club has fallen behind the best in Europe.

MilanLab is one of many facets that need consideration. Players diet, medication and vitamin intake, physical therapy and mental wellbeing all need to be taken care of. Not just this, but players need support outside of work, with support for how they invest, housing and integration into Italy all need to be considered. It's easy to forget that these guys are young and won't necessarily have the maturity to deal with their situation alone. Gattuso and others in the past have said that what made Milan so great was it's ultra professionalism and that they always felt the club took care of everything for them, meaning they were free to focus on football.

Imo, that's what we need to strive for again. We invest huge sums in players and coaches and then not to invest equally heavily in their physical and mental wellbeing to get the very best out of them would be a complete waste.
Yes, Dev. We really need to invest in Milan as a sport organization.

Leicester won EPL with peanut money for transfer but serious amount for sport science.
There are many related articles, I just choose a random one.

Maybe Montella thought the same, maybe he would give the players Nutella to match Ranieri's pizzas Big Grin
I’d take Carlo in a heartbeat if he is available. Compared to what we have now, he would bring a ton of experience and knowledge about how to build a winning side. He could come in and build a foundation that the team can rise from.

That being said if Conte was an option, I’d prefer him over Carlo, - but not by much.
confirmation of what I said before about lack of intensity in training, only this one says the players weren't happy
Rumour: Ancelotti is leaving Bayern today!
According to some articles I've seen by places like Sky, The Guardian etc, he's already gone! That's really shocking. I guess Bayern will release something soon
He's sacked, It's official.