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It might be true, if they plan for a stop-gap solution until Conte is out at Chelsea. Gattuso will, at least, lift the atmosphere in the team.

If this is true, than I'm very disappointing with the management. There's no progress without your own stadium, period.
Just stick with Montella rather than Gatusso.. or Sousa/Mazzari...
then next season all out for Conte,Simeone or Sarri..

i still believe that this 3 lost in 7 due to formation experiment (433-3511-352) and the players has not gelled yet...(8/9 of starting 11 are new players in almost every game)
While the lost against Lazio (433) and against Samp (3511) are due to poor team performance/unacceptable..the lost against Roma (352) was 'unlucky' least until 72 minutes doesn't feel like Milan going to lose the match...

So Montella should stick to 1 formation (till now the best is 352)..then field the starting 11 for serie A..for the players to gel and for consistency..
then do a major rotation for EL group stage (should be no problem to qualified from the group..just need another 2 wins of remaining 4 games)

and if by Dec/Jan..the serie A 4th place already too far away..then should change the plan..all out for EL..reach CL as EL winner (ala MU last Season)
(10-03-2017, 02:25 PM)ilgrandemilan Wrote: [ -> ]i still believe that this 3 lost in 7 due to formation experiment)

We were hideous against SPAL Udinese Cagliari Rijeka as well and lucky to win.Crotone gave up after 3 mins.Theres been no positive and its actually getting worse.If he stays Id bet we'll lose to Inter Juve and one of Chievo Genoa.The thing is who will replace him.Theres no standouts and no one (realistically) thatbyou think yeah he's the one.He.Is.Thee.Guy.
The image of Craiova's coach flashed in my mind.

Nevermind Big Grin
Is he really good?
I'm not sure that's even legally possible is it? (about the funds being returned to China). Anyway, there are many concerns/rumours about the Milan financial situation, but I want to wait and see what happens. Noises from the club (i.e. Fassone) have been that everything's under control and we're on track with our plan, but then there is constant speculation about risks from reputable sources like Forbes.

On Conte, I'm not sure how much Moggi can actually be trusted as a source. That said, I mentioned in the Roma match thread that the only Italian coaches I'd consider sacking Montella for are Conte or Sarri, so it's hard to deny a part of me wants it to be true.

As for why those two are my picks, I think with Conte we'd have a coach that is proven to provide a winning mentality to the squad. He was key in helping Juve transform from a similar state to us now into the most dominant team in Italy. He also did similar things for Italy, where the squad was considered one of the weakest in a long time, but he achieved excellent results with them and got very respectable results. As Pirlo and Gattuso have both said, his ability in motivating is exceptional and I think while there were tactical question marks on him at Juve, his work with the national side and also at Chelsea show he's a very good tactician. He also seems well suited to us tactically, having built on a 3 man defence with 3 different teams now and he would probably be the right person to get the best out of Bonucci, having helped him become world class at Juve.

On Sarri, I like him for different reasons. As a tactician for me he remains the best in Italy today. His style of football is almost perfectly in line with the traditions of Milan, which is focusing on a technical game where individuals are expected to play their role in the unit and he plays to attack rather than defend. His obsession with tactics and extreme organisation gives his sides confidence, again building a strong mentality which helps get the best out of players who otherwise aren't necessarily of the highest quality. I consider it because of Sarri that players like Koulibaly, Callejon and Mertens have really excelled.