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It's not about money ,but their desire to play in CL. If some of them come and say : lemme out of here I want to play CL...sure board can refuse ,but than their future performances are very questionable. Low happiness mostly means low performances.
I'm with Porcho, I doubt too many would jump ship for one difficult season, especially as we're talking about a young group
New rumour

Switzerland & former Lazio coach Vladimir Petkovic if Montella fails and Switzerland fail to qualify for WC next month
"Report: Milan consider Allegri return"
Hell no. Anybody else just not that thing.
I call bs on that rumour, Allegri's completely the wrong profile for what we need.

First of all he's already been at Milan. For both him and the club it's surely a step back. Secondly I don't see the club giving up on Bonucci who's been chosen to lead the project on the pitch. Allegri and Bonucci's relationship is well known.

Next I don't think it's a secret that Allegri isn't exactly a popular choice with fans. Given the painstaking efforts the management have gone to in order to get fans support, getting a coach who is widely criticised by the same fans is nothing short of counter productive.

Finally on a technical level I don't see Allegri as the right fit for what we need. He's one of the most astute tacticians in the game, but his man management skills are highly questionable and he gives players a lot of autonomy.

We need a coach whose man management is of the highest level to motivate and give confidence in the dressing room. We also need a coach to dominate tactically by having very strict organisation. We have a young group that needs confidence and direction. That's not what Allegri offers.
Being in CL & a substantial transfer budget are key factors in Milan's pursuit of Conte according to @FabrizioRomano

Ancelotti to snub Milan for Juve?
lol, I swear they just make up stuff. Getting into CL and having a decent transfer budget is considered a way of tempting Conte to Milan? No s**t Sherlock!

As for Ancelotti, he's said multiple times that in Italy he'd only coach Milan or Roma, so I think it's a no go.
Calcimercato and QS report that there was tension in yesterday's training, Old guys think Montella is to blame for what's going on.

Bonaventura is leading the angry group (which includes Suso), they aren't happy with the change in formation & waste of summer preparations.

They are also unhappy with sacking Emanuele Mara, there was a conflict between Montella and Bonaventura yesterday because of a foul.

oh boy.. looks like our players are trying to do what Bayern players did