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Yeah they put the blame elsewhere...for now.Conte if he did come to Meelan would come in June.But he'll want guarantees and new players.As of now the way things are going only guarantee he'll get is big sales to balance books and fall in line with an FFP agreement
Milan are said to be “moderately optimistic” after a three-hour meeting with UEFA to present their Financial Fair Play proposal.
CEO Marco Fassone was in Nyon today and became the first European club to apply for a voluntary agreement to extend FFP responsibilities over four years, as the side was just recently taken over by Chinese investors.
According to news agency ANSA, the meeting lasted three hours and Fassone emerged “moderately optimistic” from the debate.

A decision is expected over the next few weeks and will certainly be in before Christmas.
It’s suggested UEFA appreciated the “climate of transparency and level of depth” the paperwork went into for the business plan.
If accepted, the agreement would allow Milan to forego FFP limitations if they can balance the books by the end of 2021.
If UEFA do not sign off on a voluntary agreement, then Milan could apply again in January 2018 or face economic sanctions and limitations on the size of their squad in European competition.
This is the approach that has already been used with Inter and Roma in the past.
Sky Sport Italia note that if UEFA are unconvinced by the plan entirely, they could in theory block Milan from buying any new players in the summer of 2018, but that is highly unlikely.
Sounds like good news actually...
(11-09-2017, 06:58 PM)nefremo Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds like good news actually...

UCL is highly unlikely.
EL wont generate enough money.Theyll prob make sales to fall in line.While we wont be banned from transfers we prob will see a few big sales.UEFA prob wont go for the plan and we'll try again in Jan.
the question is, which jersey do we buy? the one with puma or the one with addidas? because as of right now the club do need money and we can help by buying the addidas jersey, but there is very little of it in the market right now, so hard to look for a milan jersey, and i dont want to buy it online, the shipping cost is way more expensive than the jersey.
If this gets approved we can technically make another big investment of 100m or so. Worst case scenario, they'll need to make a few big sales. I think Donnarumma will be one of the first players on the chopping block. Lots of good GK's available and depending on if they're a short term or long term solution we could probably get a replacement for 1/5th of the cost.

To me, Calhanoglu & Kalinic were unnecessary signings and already proving to be bad investments. If someone wants them in January or in the summer I definitely wouldn't pass it up but I highly doubt we'd sell them so soon since the pair cost us around 50m+ if we consider wage for the year too.

I keep forgetting we bought Conti. It's so upsetting that he's injured, I think he would've been one of our most exciting players.
We'd prob take a big loss on Kalinic , He'll be 30 we've commited to paying €25m for him i see us getting €10-€12m at most.Calhanoglu €15m at most.Tbey really were pretty pointless.Calhaniglu i expected more.But Kalinic is doing exactly how I thought he would.
Kalinic was a terrible signing. However that's mainly hindsight talking. Theoretically he would have been the tip of the spear and would have functioned as a typical target man. However with Conti's injury and Montella's abject failure to build anything resembling a team strategy, tactics or even an established starting 11, in order to climb out of the situation we're in, we once again need to rely on individual talent at least to get a jump start in our attack. Silva has shown his potential imho but Montella's absurd rotation policies aren't allowing him or Cutrone to get into a groove of form.

Another issue we face is that we have too much problems advancing the ball past our own defense... so to be fair to Kalinic, none of the forwards have gotten a fair shake. His finishing, however looks HORRIBLE
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