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meh, the questions are valid, but it doesn't say anything that's not been said before. It's a possible outcome, let's hope not but I won't lose sleep over speculation.

Same with calciomercato, who aren't exactly the best source. Speculation, I want to wait and see what the actual verdict is.
Huh copied from R&B

Rumors reported by on the future of Milan. According to reports, the club will reimburse the debt with Highbridge in the next few weeks. But the Highbridge fund itself will be looking for a new buyer. And the change of ownership will take place quite quickly. Again according to, on the horizon there would already be a strong and reassuring subject ready to take over the club from Yonghong Li, who can not afford to maintain a club like the Rossoneri
Saw the rumours, but not really making too much of it  right now. What makes it less believable is that it's said the person looking to buy is one of the top 5 richest in the world. 

You look through that list and frankly not one seems likely. Looking through more in that list and the only ones seemingly possible are Wang Jianlin, who I think part owns atletico and already distanced himself from Milan or Jack Ma, who definitely dismissed previous rumours.
They got no clue.For now Benevento is all that matters , if they get a point...
#Ancelotti: "Italy? No, I want to manage a club. Milan? I never spoke to them, but I would return to #SerieA."
(12-04-2017, 04:12 PM)AC_Troy Wrote: [ -> ]#Ancelotti: "Italy? No, I want to manage a club. Milan? I never spoke to them, but I would return to #SerieA."

A real coach! Get him now.
Milan have aimed a jab at Inter on their official website, pointing out their city rivals only won 2-1 at Benevento and aren't in Europe.
The Rossoneri conceded a last-minute equaliser by goalkeeper Alberto Brignoli to draw 2-2 with the Stregoni at the weekend, the first point Benevento have taken all season.
Every day the club’s official website does a Press review, often adding their own commentary, and today the Diavolo hit back at the mocking that followed this result.

“No, it’s not Cavese,” the ‘Our Comment’ reply begins, referring to a 2-1 defeat to the minnows at San Siro in the 1982-83 Serie B season.

“Milan were crudely mocked at Benevento, where there are those who have won by a lot of goals and others who had a very tight game, like the Rossoneri did up to the 94th minute.
“But the team is in Europe and its position in the table, although very disappointing compared to expectations, does not preclude the Rossoneri from European objectives.
“Groping to transform hard mockery into a sporting tragedy means getting too carried away.
“The squad is very happy with the work it has started to do with Rino Gattuso, and the possibilities for improvement which exist.”
And the jab at Inter is?
(12-05-2017, 08:20 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: [ -> ]And the jab at Inter is?

Dev if you see no pettiness & childish behaviour in making the point we may of only draw  with Benevento giving them their 1stt point but hey look at Inter (who are in 1st place)they only beat them 2-1 and arent in Europe this season.Then thats up to you , I however see it  as something that didnt need to be said and is another in long line of embarrassing things about Milan this season.Milan would be best off attempting to fix this disaster of a season and curtail the press section from saying such things.
Jay nothing is said of Inter and while I think it's a little defensive, there's nothing offensive in the comment at all.

The only comment potentially considered a jab at Inter I saw was about being in Europe which I read as being a defensive view basically saying "not all is lost and we're still in EL".

Again, I see it as a defensive comment given the amount off piss taking going on from the press about the draw, not any sort of attack or comment on Inter who we're in no position to try to attack or mock.

I may be wrong, but I see it as FI trying to create controversy where there is none. That's just my viee, maybe I just can't read between the lines.