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Full Version: Milan Management
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Very strong words from him. Will be interesting to see if and how the club reacts to this.
What a bozo!!! 

Gomez is Milan's player. We have a price and teams need to reach it in order to buy him. I don't care if they fly in from Buenos Aires with Boca's jersey as a gift or Mars bringing alien hookers with them. 

Why the hell should we sell him if they don't meet our valuation?? Because this idiot threw a chair in the office????

If Mirabelli said we'll accept 6mil and then changed his mind after they came.....ok, he has a point. But I highly highly highly doubt that happened. Maybe they said they'll offer 6mil, bit forgot to mention that it will only be after an 18month loan!!! Big difference there.

European sides fly all over the world to negotiate for players. Many times the deals don't get closed for various reasons. You don't see them throwing chairs around and complaining to the press!

and i just read this, lol, doesn't that mean he isn't the no 1 fans, but just use milan as a toy, ffs, this old geezer should just rot in jail already
We should ask Gomez' agent pay for the broken chair and window, and apologize. Okay, he probably won't apologize, but there is no reason why he shouldn't pay for the broken chair and window. Icon_lol2
His agent already announced within a few hours of his comments about the club saying he and Mirabelli have sorted out the issues.

Looks like a clown is representing Gomez.
His agent is a jackass. So Boca brought a shirt along as a gift so we are supposed to suddenly give them a couple of Mils discount? Yeah sure. How long has he been "managing" players?
Galliani will run for election to the Italian Senate as a candidate representing Berlusconi’s political party, Forza Italia.
no wonder he cant kick the guy out from milan, even in the political party he get control now, i really think he have something up his sleeve about berlu dark secret.
Yeah, doesn't look good to say the least. We need to see what happens, for now I just hope this news doesn't destabilise the work on the field.