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Full Version: Week 20: Lazio - Milan (Saturday, January 24th 20:45 CET)
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armero is a real liability. I get DCS plays poorly. But Armero is just plain bad
(01-24-2015, 09:06 PM)ACM1899 Wrote: [ -> ]hi everone. an links?

you need Sopcast.
We don't have a player that control the tempo like Pirlo or Seedorf. Montolivo can't seem to do anything. We are now dragged into Lazio's rhythm, and I don't like it. We are simply relying on individual players' momentary brilliance (namely, Menez and Lopez).
Diego Lopez in beast mode. I'm buying his jersey if he commits long term to milan
Exactly, without Lopez we might be in relegation zone this year!
I must say I"m happy we are sitting back. We continue to be aggressive.
Nazio fans are among the worst that I have seen.
Yeah menez down and the jerks are cheering. The ref is definitely biased this game but I'm not surprised as we have gotten a lot of soft calls this season. I imagine the refs would start swallowing their whistles.

Was that a shot or pass by Shaarawy? What a waste of chance! well, half-chance.
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