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Full Version: The fastest players in the world
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The speed is a must for players in the world at present quality. That is why the club Pachuca Mexico conducted a study with the recognition of FIFA, to meet the world's fastest footballers.
[Image: Gareth_Bale.jpg]
[Image: J%C3%BCrgen_Damm.jpg]
It was recognized from the Mexican, Jürgen Damm (35.23 km / h) as the second fastest player in the world with the ball glued to his feet.

The top-10 of the fastest in the world:

1. Gareth Bale (Real Madrid): 36.9 km / h

2. Jürgen Damm (Pachuca): 35.23 km / h
[Image: Antonio_Valencia.jpg]
3. Antonio Valencia (Manchester United): 35.1 km/h
[Image: Aaron_Lennon.jpg]
4. Aaron Lennon (Tottenham): 33.8 km/h
[Image: Cristiano_Ronaldo.jpg]
5. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid): 33.6 km/h
[Image: Theo_Walcott.jpg]
6. Theo Walcott (Arsenal): 32.7 km / h
[Image: Leo_Messi.jpg]
7. Leo Messi (Barcelona): 32.5 km/h
[Image: Wayne_Rooney.jpg]
What about Muntari and Essien? Smile