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RE: Week 9: Milan - Sassuolo (Sunday, October 25 - 15:00 CET) - ACMILAN1983 - 10-21-2015

Xu, it's pretty much as reza says, they sold their half due to the rule change, but have the buyback clause.

Balotelli is apparently out for this and possibly Chievo too.

RE: Week 9: Milan - Sassuolo (Sunday, October 25 - 15:00 CET) - Stitch - 10-21-2015

Sassuolo will hopefully be the graveyard for another coach.

Forza Di Francesco!!!

Big Grin

RE: Week 9: Milan - Sassuolo (Sunday, October 25 - 15:00 CET) - Mystik - 10-22-2015

Quote:Milan striker Carlos Bacca could miss Sassuolo at the weekend, with reports he’s suffered a muscular strain.

The Rossoneri face a crucial tie with the Neroverdi at San Siro, with reports Coach Sinisa Mihajlovic has two games to save his job.

Mario Balotelli is already likely to miss the match, and now Sky is reporting that Bacca also trained separately at Milanello today.

The news outlet believes that the Colombian international has suffered a muscular strain, and is now in doubt for Sunday.

The Diavolo have not won any of their last three Serie A matches, and are five points worse off than at this stage last season, a campaign which saw them finish 10th.

If both Bacca and Balotelli can't play any part in this game, I don't know where the goals will come from..

RE: Week 9: Milan - Sassuolo (Sunday, October 25 - 15:00 CET) - somedevil - 10-22-2015

From Worse to worst?

RE: Week 9: Milan - Sassuolo (Sunday, October 25 - 15:00 CET) - ACMILAN1983 - 10-23-2015

I think if the management are smart, they'll keep an eye on Di Francesco in this match (and in general). I think he's one of the most interesting coaches in Italy in recent years.

RE: Week 9: Milan - Sassuolo (Sunday, October 25 - 15:00 CET) - somedevil - 10-23-2015

Even a guy like Di Francesco. Why would he leave Sassuolo? Once upon a time they were our feeder club. Today they are a proper project, own their own stadium and have the highest (I think) shirt sponsorship in Serie A.

It will be funny if Sassuolo bring about the end of another Milan coach.

RE: Week 9: Milan - Sassuolo (Sunday, October 25 - 15:00 CET) - ACMILAN1983 - 10-23-2015

Sassuolo is effectively a feeder club for Juve tbh. Anyway, even if they're going through a good moment, there's no way they can compete for resources with a club like Milan. That's why many coaches will still choose Milan, because if they can "fix" the problems, Milan is a club that will challenge for Serie A and potentially in Europe.

Di Francesco's style of play may not fit with Milan and Berlusconi might hate it, which is why I think he should be looked at, not necessarily a guy that should be approached.

RE: Week 9: Milan - Sassuolo (Sunday, October 25 - 15:00 CET) - somedevil - 10-23-2015

I don't think anyone's playing style fits with Berlusconi. I mean he was the one telling Ancelotti to play two up front when the X'mas tree was doing so well.

RE: Week 9: Milan - Sassuolo (Sunday, October 25 - 15:00 CET) - somedevil - 10-24-2015

A lot can be read between the lines from Miha's pre-match comments

Quote:“Since the start of the season we’ve been trying to find consistency in our performances,” said the Coach in his Press conference.
“The team plays well, then makes a mistake caused by fear and cannot recover from it. I am working to resolve these problems. I’m not being presumptuous, but I have the moral character to achieve this and if I don’t then they need to call an exorcist.

“I know how football works. If the results aren’t there, football has its rules. I believe that before changing Coach, the club must see if the team is behind him. Milan are working hard to emerge from this difficult moment and I remain convinced I can solve Milan’s problems.

“At this moment we are not a top club, but we’re fighting to become one again. It takes time, as in recent years Milan lost their spine, the core of the old guard. I don’t know how long it will take, but this team has the quality to do better.

“It won’t be easy tomorrow, as Sassuolo are on fine form. I am focused only on improving the side. Some choices are not down to me, but in football the rules when results don’t come are pretty clear. I thought it would be simpler, but we go forward with optimism.

“The ideal would be to play well and get a result. Winning helps you to win and at this moment we really need a victory. We mustn’t fear anyone.

“How do I fix things? Sometimes you need to get angry in public, sometimes in private. It depends on how you want to push the team forward. Sometimes you need the carrot, other times the stick.”

“The atmosphere in the stadium won’t be ideal, but it’s down to us to bring the enthusiasm back to the fans. We are working to find some consistency, as at times we’re too afraid, but I am sure we’ll get there. I believe in these lads.

“I want to thank Carlo Ancelotti, Arrigo Sacchi and Fabio Capello who all said nice things about me this week.

“I know what I want to do here and I will certainly achieve it. I have what it takes to do well at Milan. If I can’t do it, then they need to call an exorcist!

“I also told the lads that we must learn to control games. I think it’s a psychological issue, as in that moment you must be smart to keep the ball or earn a free kick.

“Unfortunately at the moment we’re penalised for every error. There’s no single tactical system that can win you games. The main thing is the attitude, the determination and the desire to win.

“Over the last few weeks we’ve been working on both 4-3-3 and 4-4-2, but unfortunately almost all the strikers are out injured.

“Today Carlos Bacca will train for the first time this week, so it’s not always easy to start with two strikers.”

President Silvio Berlusconi will arrive today for a pep talk with the squad after refusing to publicly back Mihajlovic.
“I have an excellent rapport with him and we speak often. The other night he told me to relax and that for me is a sign of faith.
“I want to thank him for this opportunity and it’s a privilege to discuss ideas with him, not just about football, but of everything.

This is a man not happy with external meddling and not happy at not being allowed to do what he wants.

RE: Week 9: Milan - Sassuolo (Sunday, October 25 - 15:00 CET) - devoted_dm - 10-24-2015

What I found most interesting about the interviews today was how honest both Mihajlovic and Montolivo were about the current state of Milan. They basically said that we just don't have the players that we once did, and that it is going to take time to rebuild the club. It's good that someone's saying that instead of Berlusconi and Galliani talking about winning the Scudetto. A bit of realism is definitely needed at this club right now.