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RE: Summer transfer window 2017 - Siregar - 06-13-2017

(06-13-2017, 02:14 PM)GeoTav Wrote: The main problem of Pastore isn't his consistency on the pitch, because as far as he plays several games in a row, he's always been very good if not excellent. His main problem, and it's why I hope he won't come in Milan, is he seems unable to play more than 2-3 games in a row. He's the Gourcuff of Argentinia, always injured.

About Donnarumma, Fassone stated that he hopes Donnarumma will stay, but there is someone between the club and the player, and this someone is very good in his job (which means he agrees with Kastriot, Raiola looks like a piece of shit, but professionnally, he's getting the maximum for his clients).

About Raiola, there was some history coming back about him recently. He was the agent of Nedved. Nedved never wanted to leave Lazio, so Raiola never played it hard with Lazio. Nedved finally left Lazio when the club had financial problems, Juventus were interested, Raiola negotiated a juicy contract for his client, and then, as Nedved never wanted to leave Juventus again, Raiola never played it hard with Juventus for him (even letting his client go into Serie B with Juventus).
This story was probably written to recall everyone that the agents just do whatever their client, the player, tells them. If Donnarumma asked Raiola to negotiate for a juicy contract, then that explains what has happened so far. Raiola won't make his player leave a club or risk him to be unwanted by playing these games if this player tells him he just wants to stay no matter what.

New Kaka?  Angry

He gets big salary, it wont be accepted any error!  Sagrin

RE: Summer transfer window 2017 - ACMILAN1983 - 06-13-2017

Might be wrong, but I believe Hamsik dropped Raiola

RE: Summer transfer window 2017 - Stitch - 06-13-2017

What do you guys think about the Ibra rumours? If he agrees to a low salary I'd be all for it.

RE: Summer transfer window 2017 - Joël - 06-13-2017

I'm pretty sure Donnarumma asked Raiola to do all of this not because he actually wants a move but just that he wants more money. As stated above Nedved didn't want to leave so Raiola didn't make a fuz. Same goes for Bonaventura who could also have been playing somewhere else or at least have a bigger salary.

RE: Summer transfer window 2017 - Joël - 06-13-2017

(06-13-2017, 06:08 PM)Stitch Wrote: What do you guys think about the Ibra rumours? If he agrees to a low salary I'd be all for it.

Liked it at first but apparently he going to be injured until January. And a low salary is unthinkable for Zlatan. 

Did hear Costa is looking for a team until January because Atletico transfer ban will end in January and then he'll move to Atletico. Wouldn't mind him at all for half a year if we can't find another striker this window.

RE: Summer transfer window 2017 - Ryo - 06-13-2017

Guy, guys, guys. Do you not remember we're going to have another 120M (approx) to spend next year? This isn't just a one off deal here. They said it would go on for 3 summer mercatos at least. It was pretty much assured by Berlu before he left the team in our new President's hands. Instead of thinking of low cost temporary solutions, why don't we just think of what we can buy with the rest of our money THIS mercato, and let the future take care of itself?  Devilcool

Personally, I don't want Costa in any way shape or form. Not even for half a year. The way he operates I feel does not fit in with Milan. I don't want any of our new signings or young kids learning stupid things like diving and complaining to refs from this guy. 

If I remember correctly, it was pretty much the bad partying habits of some of Barca's old guard spreading that broke up that team which Rijkaard built and eventually got him sacked.

RE: Summer transfer window 2017 - Hitman - 06-13-2017

(06-12-2017, 09:02 PM)honsano Wrote: Honestly the most amazing part of this mercato is the flexibility we afforded ourselves by identifying so many useful targets. There is the clear difference between last management and now. If a guy doesn't want to come to milan (Morata), then we move on and get the next one (Silva). It appears this management group can also juggle many items at once. Instead of stopping everything until we figure the future of donnarumma or DCS, we can negotiate their contract and that of others. Finally!!

great indeed. Every agent we've worked with has praised both Fassone and Mirabelli, and it doesn't get better than Jorge Mendez, the best player agent in the world, complimenting these two after just meeting them 10 days ago. This is a great, great compliment and it gives me confidence that we are truly in the right hands.

(06-13-2017, 10:59 AM)Ryo Wrote: Latest news is that we're looking to bring in Pastore instead of James.
Never was convinced of his quality to be honest. Didn't really impress me in his time at Palermo.

Umm what? Didn't impress you at Palermo?


(06-13-2017, 04:09 PM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: Might be wrong, but I believe Hamsik dropped Raiola

I think he's still his agent. Raiola also has Abate and Bonaventura at Milan now.

RE: Summer transfer window 2017 - winstonwolfe - 06-13-2017

No reply from Donnarumma today.
He definitely finished his career at Milan.
Now I hope that Milan management has plan B.

RE: Summer transfer window 2017 - Zahed - 06-13-2017

Hello guys hope you are doing well
Its sure is an exciting time for us and with all this news talk about what player will sign next, I just wanted to recap what happened because it will be a crazy summer and write my opinion on our current squad and who should we keep, sell, bring starting from the defense

MV= Market Value
AP=Asking Price
(i didnt include the players loaned to us, only the players we currently own) 

the defense: - 12 players

CBs: 6 players
Alessio Romagnoli (22)
Gabriel Paletta (31)
Gustavo Gómez (24)
Cristian Zapata (30)
Rodrigo Ely (23)
Mateo Musacchio (26) (new)

Who should leave:
To be honest our defense is… well let’s just say below average and I would like to see them all except for Romagnoli out the door but since we are going to sell we should sell in this order with Ely and Paletta to be the first to go this summer:

1- Rodrigo Ely (2m) MV
2- Paletta (5.5m) MV

Who should we sign:
Now I strongly believe we should sign another solid CB as a backup for Musacchio because we all know he is kind of injury prone. but as far as who should we bring I have no idea.

RBs: 2 players
Ignazio Abate (30)
Davide Calabria (20)

Who should leave:
Abate (6m) MV

no question! There is a 10-year gap between him and Calabria and Abate isn’t the best to begin with, he’s just your average RB I guess.

Who should we sign:
Andrea Conti (23) (30m) AP

he is young and had a strong season. And I believe he is very close to signing so that’s good news.

LBs: 3 players
Luca Antonelli (30)
Leonel Vangioni (30)

Who should leave:
Luca Antonelli (5.5m) MV

He only played 417 minutes last season other than that he’s been the doctors best friend, and while I would prefer him over vangioni but the thing is at least vangioni has been available when called upon not the best LB in the world but non-the less available.

Who should we sign:
No one, Simply RR will be enough for the next two years I hope so.

Mattia De Sciglio (24) (8.5m) MV:
I didn’t forget about him but I saved him for last because he can play on both sides of the field and he’s in a kind of messy situation, juve wants him and he wants to go but Milan don’t want to sell to a rival, juve offering 10m while Milan wants 15m. these are all news talk, I say we should keep him offer him a 2 year contract and try to convince him of our project this way will have 5 Full Backs 2 on each side and one who can play at both, and if he’s still not convinced we can sell him next summer at probably higher price and can find a replacement in no time.
But if he’s fixed on leaving then 15m is pretty good price in my mind and will do just fine without him.

The Midfield: 9 players
Manuel Locatelli (19)
Riccardo Montolivo (32)
José Sosa (31)
Giacomo Bonaventura (27)
Andrea Bertolacci (26)
Juraj Kucka (30)
Andrea Poli (27)
José Mauri (23)
Franck Kessié (20) (new)

Who should leave:
Riccardo Montolivo (3.5m) MV
José Sosa (5m) MV
Andrea Poli (4m) MV
José Mauri (3.5) MV

Montolivo and Sosa are too old, too slow and simply not what we need going forward. Poli is on his way out which is good, Mauri didn’t impress not here or on his loan. Now I didn’t pick Kucka or Bertolacci because they are a known quantity we know what to expect from them and we need depth cuz next season will be playing a whole lot more.

Who should we sign:
Lucas Biglia (31) (25m) AP
Grzegorz Krychowiak (27) (25m) MV
Javier Pastore (27) (20m) MV
Another creative Midfielder

I would set a top priority for Biglia he knows Seria A, he speaks Italian, will take little to no time to settle. He’s a leader and has experience. And I like to think he’s got a good two years in him before becoming another Montolivo.
As for Krychowiak last season wasn’t the best for him he only played total of 1025 minutes compared to 3108 minutes that Biglia played, but he’s younger than Biglia. So, if we can get him for 20m or less am ok higher than that it will not be good business.
Now I read somewhere that Pastore wants out but PSG don’t want to sell if we can get him for 20m+ player that well be perfect even though it’s highly unlikely. But non-the less we need a creative mid because we can’t rely solely on Bonaventura to supply our forwards.

The Attack: 6 players

CFs: 4 players
Carlos Bacca (30)
Gianluca Lapadula (27)
Patrick Cutrone (19)
André Silva (21) (new)

Who should leave:
Carlos Bacca (18m) MV
Patrick Cutrone (2-year loan)

Bacca is on the decline he seems to have lost the desire to keep going I don’t know what is it, but what I do know is this he’s 30 had problems with mister montella, even though he’s a superb finisher he doesn’t do a lot more than just wait around for the ball. That’s way I vote we keep Lapadula he may not be a prolific finisher but what I like about him is that he plays like he wants to prove that he’s worth waring the Milan shirt, that’s more than enough to convince me to keep him.
As for Patrick, I would hate for us to sell him he’s a promising young player with good record in Primavera scoring 19 goals in 22 matches, but of course Seria A isn’t the Primavera that’s way we should loan him for 2 years, why I said 2? Well a first year in the top flight isn’t always good and we already brought Silva a second year we will know what is he made of, is he going to be a superstar or just your average forward.

Who should we sign:
Nikola Kalinic (29) (30m) AP

Is he like Bacca? yes, is he a priority? No, is he worth the price of 30m? No, but we need new blood because Bacca seems lost, Silva will take time to settle and Lapadula isn’t enough.

RF/LFs: 2 players
Suso (23)
M'Baye Niang (22)

Who should leave:
Now this an area which we absolutely need players, and honestly no one should leave but I read that Niang isn’t in mister Montella plans for next season so in that case:
M'Baye Niang (15m) MV

Who should we sign:
Emil Forsberg (25) (30m) AP
Gerard Deulofeu (23) (12m) MV

Emil Forsberg is a must if we want to even consider going top 3 the guy can play on the left and in the center, he made 22 assists last season now that’s talent and for 30m were basically stealing him, and he can play at the middle which will be perfect linkup with Bonaventura who can play at the left wing
Now Deulofeu you may say there’s better we don’t need him, but let remind you of the instant impact he made for our team in second part of the season, now he may not be what we should strive for or the best but we know him and know what he can do he will be a solid back up for Suso or Forsberg because Yes, he can play at both sides of the field left or right and if we can get him for 15m am happy.

The transfer window: - 
Budget: 150m (I hope am right because I don’t know the exact number)
And we’ve already spent about 74m (- Kessié) that’s about %49 which leaves us with 76m

Targets I hope we sign: - 5 players
Nikola Kalinic (30m) AP
Lucas Biglia (25m) AP
Andrea Conti (30m) AP
Emil Forsberg (30m) AP
Gerard Deulofeu (23) (15m) (guess)
Total = 130m (if we pay full asking price)

Players I hope leaves or probably will: - 11 players
Rodrigo Ely (2m) MV
Paletta (5.5m) MV
Abate (6m) MV
Luca Antonelli (5.5m) MV
Mattia De Sciglio (24) (8.5m) MV
Riccardo Montolivo (3.5m) MV
José Sosa (5m) MV
Andrea Poli (4m) MV
José Mauri (3.5) MV
M'Baye Niang (15m) MV
Carlos Bacca (18m) MV
Total = 60m (if we receive full market value, which I doubt it’ll be 76.5m but because some players will be swapped for others and some sold for less or more than there MV I took out 16.5m)

Now if by some miracle all our targets come and all the players I mentioned leave with numbers I put will be left with:

Budget: 6m
Total players: 21
Which mean will need at least 2 to 3 players:
1 CB
1 or 2 CM

We as a team who is in a rebuilding process need talented, ambitious, hungry for success kind of players.
But also, players who are versatile and can play in different positions because next season will be tough.

this is just my opinion Angel Angel

RE: Summer transfer window 2017 - Hitman - 06-13-2017

(06-13-2017, 09:04 PM)winstonwolfe Wrote: No reply from Donnarumma today.
He definitely finished his career at Milan.
Now I hope that Milan management has plan B.

fans fan fans. please don't be like this. it's frustrating to see you this impatient.

How is Donnarumma's Milan career finished just because he hasn't given an answer today?

How do you know that today was the deadline for the answer?

Stop believing every single report in the press and start thinking for yourself. You can put 1 and 1 together. Doing this way, your life will have a lot less stress. 

While Donnarumma still may leave, it won't be decided because he didn't give a response today! The kid is now going to Roma for the U21 Euros and his presence will be needed for him to sign the new deal. Things take time. Fans are so damn impatient. You just need consistent reports to feed your impatience and that's unfortunate for you.

Imagine that spending 100m in the first 12 days of the market isn't even enough to win the confidence of everyone... They know what they're doing, and everyone's complimenting Fassone & Mirabelli. They want to keep Gigio and Gigio wants to stay.. they have done everything in their power and will continue to do so. 

Be patient. Take a breath. Let it play out before coming to impulsive and definitive conclusions such as your post.