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Locations and how you found MM - porcho - 05-08-2017

Hi All,

Just curious to get an idea where everyone's from and how they found MM. I myself am from Melbourne, Australia.

Found this site online. Good old google. Went looking for it after I couldn't find a decent Australan group on facebook.
Well, I found one... But it wasn't decent. Not many people talked on there and the one that did was extremely opinionated and didn't really "discuss" things about the club. haha

RE: Locations and how you found MM - reza - 05-08-2017

Toronto, Canada.

I found milanmania in ancient times around 2000 alongside a few others, the original owner had other football forums. Took me a while to register in the old forum, for a while just read as guest. Gradually became admin when previous owners left the forum.

RE: Locations and how you found MM - Aficio - 05-08-2017

Hanoi, Vietnam.

I found Milanmania around 2006 when searching for an English forum about Milan. I got here first and glued here after some reading Big Grin

RE: Locations and how you found MM - ACM2020 - 05-08-2017

Xiamen, China.

My friend (also Milan fan at that time) first discovered the site in 1999. I was lurking and reading for a while. I signed up in 2000.

There were a few other Milan fan sites that I followed very closely in the past years (I was young and had time and energy), but eventually lost interest (in the sites, not in the team, which may happen in a few years Grinundwech) and stopped attending. MM is the only one I feel attached to. Heart

RE: Locations and how you found MM - Nalx - 05-08-2017

Jakarta, Indonesia. First found this when Netscape Navigator was still relevant. A regular reader for years, decided it a fun enough of a forum and signed up in 2006 so I can make fun of the its members too Grinundwech

RE: Locations and how you found MM - ACMILAN1983 - 05-08-2017

My story is pretty much the same. From the UK, found the site (I think through a search engine) in the late 90s and was reading until 2004 before signing up.

RE: Locations and how you found MM - Stitch - 05-08-2017

Sarajevo, Bosnia

someone on other non-milan related forum reccomended MM for me. I cant exactly place it in time, but I remember Zlatanov as a moderator, Paolo Inzaghi thread that I tried to revive here Big Grin GianCarlo who tried to convince everybody that Antonelli and Antonini were WC Icon_lol2 and more Smile

RE: Locations and how you found MM - somedevil - 05-11-2017

Found it on Google a decade odd ago. Kept reading for another half a decade or more before I signed up. Been here since then.

RE: Locations and how you found MM - Ace - 05-11-2017

Isn't it funny that our last CL victory was a decade ago, even though I still remember it like it was yesterday?! anyway I remember becoming interested in Milan after the world cup where Milan players excelled and got me watching highlights until eventually I fell in love with the colors. I stumbled upon MilanMania while looking for streams for the first leg of the semi final vs Manchester United, lurked around for a month or two before I decided to register... because why not?

RE: Locations and how you found MM - Milan - 05-31-2017

London, England.

I found the forums through a google search for Milan fans website.

Been following Milan since the mid 90s, and hope to experience the atmosphere first hand this season.

Anyone on here follow a second team?