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Serie B - AC_Troy - 05-26-2017

SPAL promotes for the first time in 49 years, Hellas back (show me that V, Pazzo)..  who will join them?  Frosinone/Carpi & Perugia/Benevento is left.  I think we'll see Frosinone back, but I'd like to see Benevento as they've never been in first flight.

RE: Serie B - somedevil - 05-26-2017

The fuckin butei are back. Another unnecessary trip to the Bentegodi this season then. I hope we thrash them.

RE: Serie B - AC_Troy - 06-01-2017

Carpi/Benevento for promotion

RE: Serie B - AC_Troy - 06-05-2017

Carpi drew Benevento in the first leg. Second leg is at Benevento. Will they promote to Serie A for the first time ever?

RE: Serie B - AC_Troy - 06-08-2017

Welcome to Serie A, Benevento!

The Witches are in first league football for the first time ever!

RE: Serie B - ACMILAN1983 - 06-08-2017

Congratulations to them

RE: Serie B - somedevil - 06-09-2017

Ffs Benvento used to be one of our feeder clubs not so long ago. This is quite an amazing fairy tale.

RE: Serie B - reza - 06-22-2017

Parma promoted into Serie B, today announced Chinese investors have bought 60% of the club and appointed Hernan Crespo Vice-President.

RE: Serie B - AC_Troy - 06-22-2017

Hope they make it back to Serie A

RE: Serie B - ACM2022 - 06-22-2017

So happy for Parma.