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Nikola Kalinic - am I Milan enough? - 08-23-2017

Guys dont forget its official, he aint big names like Aubameback, hope he could contribute a lot.

Welcome new #7 Sagrin

Ps Reza I wrote Nikolas insteaf of Nikola.. pls edit it Smile

RE: Nikolas Kalinic - ACM2020 - 08-23-2017

Welcome, NK!  Heart

[Image: ummmm-why-u.jpg]


RE: Nikolas Kalinic - Aficio - 08-24-2017

Welcome, NK!

Poor you, if not for this season, you could be a good Mr.X Big Grin

RE: Nikolas Kalinic - ACMILAN1983 - 08-24-2017

Welcome to Kalinic and of course....triple handshake!!!

[Image: DH1VTFGXgAAZh8j.jpg]

RE: Nikolas Kalinic - nefremo - 08-24-2017

We should change the name of the thread! It's actually Nikola without the S at the end. Big Grin

RE: Nikolas Kalinic - ACM2020 - 08-25-2017

Where is Reza? Big Grin

RE: Nikola Kalinic - reza - 08-25-2017

Been busy the last few days but changed Big Grin

RE: Nikola Kalinic - Arildonardo - 10-03-2017

Daily Mail made a list of the 100 worst strikers in Premier League history. Nikola Kalinic came in at 68th place.

RE: Nikola Kalinic - Sampinjon - 12-19-2017

[Image: 455a30298015d06e7e530d67ca938e7a.jpg]

RE: Nikola Kalinic - reza - 01-17-2018